YouTuber MrBeast selected by Elon Musk as Twitter heir

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Recently, Elon Musk along with “The richest YouTuber in the world” – MrBeast had an interesting joke on the MXH Twitter platform.

After making the world stunned by completing the acquisition of Twitter for $ 44 billion, recently “drama king” Elon Musk continues to make people remember him when he posted a question that made everyone remember him. Twitter is boiling.


Accordingly, this billionaire posted a rather bizarre Tweet that: “If I passed away mysteriously, it would be nice to meet you”. Things gradually got more interesting when an extremely popular YouTuber MrBeast took the opportunity to ask about he could be the heir to Twitter if unfortunately it turns out to be true. Surprisingly, just a few hours later, Elon Musk replied simply “Ok” and received a lot of approval.


About MrBeast, he is known as “the richest YouTuber in the world”. In 2021, this guy spent tons of money to recreate the hit movie Squid Game and also in this year, MrBeast took first place in the list of the highest-earning YouTubers in the world.Elon Musk

MrBeast was named 'World's Richest YouTuber'

MrBeast was named “World’s Richest YouTuber”

It can be said that Elon Musk and MrBeast have quite similar points when they are both leaders in the fields they participate in, especially both are very famous for their stupidity. It is this that has made many people think about the prospect that when MrBeast owns Twitter, what “cool” games will appear on this social networking platform.


However, everyone knows that both Elon Musk and MrBeast are just joking around, but many people are hoping that MrBeast will convince Elon Musk to launch a video in the near future and if that’s the case. If it happens, it will certainly be an unprecedented “explosion” in YouTube history.


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