Yoast SEO Premium v17.7 – Latest update 11/30/2021

Probably no need for a lengthy introduction because anyone who uses WordPress already knows that Yoast SEO is the #1 seo plugin today. Even the free version is also full of on-page seo optimization features for the website. The Yoast SEO Premium (paid) version has more advanced features.

Version 17.7 has just been released on November 30, 2021 is the latest version today.

Download: wordpress-seo-premium_v17.7.zip

Download: yoast-seo-extensions.zip

If you do not know how to optimize seo, see more articles: Instructions for using Yoast SEO

Difference between Premium and Free version

Yoast SEO Premium is sold for $ 89 / year / 1 site. It’s quite expensive compared to the income of Vietnamese people, so most of our people only use pagodas, but how many people spend money to buy them?

Of course, if you spend $89, you will not simply own all the features of this seo plugin, but also have many other benefits. And I personally find this amount to be very cheap if you see all the comparisons below:

Yoast SEO Premium (Fee paid) Yoast SEO Free (Free)
Get access to all Yoast SEO Academy courses. After studying, make sure to become an SEO expert.

* Of course, it’s all in English, so it’s a pity for anyone who can’t hear English.

Only watch free courses (all basic knowledge, many brothers have shared it on the internet)
Automatically find and suggest high-performing keywords right in Yoast SEO. Helps increase content relevancy by optimizing for related keywords. Supported by Semrush in over 100 countries.

* It sounds so appealing but it doesn’t support Vietnamese well yet.

You have to add related keywords manually (i.e. think for yourself and then add it manually)
Test optimization for multiple keywords, including synonyms and related phrases.

* This is the most valuable feature of the Premium version.

Only support to optimize 1 main keyword
Intelligent content analysis, support multiple languages: English, English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungary, Norway, Turkey, Czech and Indonesia.

* Waiting for Vietnamese support must be a long time!

You must manually read and improve the content
Support outdated content warning if not updated in 6 months No support
Preview shows on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Help attract more visitors by optimizing titles, descriptions, and images for each platform. Only support preview on Google
Suggest internal links to other related articles on the website No support
In the Gutenberg editor, there is an additional Yoast Related Links block to quickly create related links. No support
Displays the top 5 most used keyword phrases on the page, helping you check if they match your chosen keywords No support
Redirect old URLs to new URLs every time a URL is changed or a post is deleted. No support
Integration in Elementor (Very popular Page Builder Plugin) Limited
Connect with Zapier to automatically share articles to over 2000 social networks and blogs 2.0

* This is a powerful feature of Yoast SEO Premium that a lot of you don’t use.

No support
Export data in CSV format for viewing on Excel No support
Support and update the plugin for 1 year by Yoast’s team of top seo experts. No support
Yoast SEO Premium without ads There are ads in the Yoast SEO admin section
So save Yoast SEO Premium for Yoast SEO Free

Is Yoast SEO Premium worth the money guys?

If you can hear English, only the SEO teaching videos of Yoast SEO Academy Well, the value has already exceeded $89 a lot. Converting into Vietnamese currency is approximately 2 million, not even enough to buy a basic seo course in some seo training centers today. But if you compare the quality, it’s out of the question, what age are the seo “teachers” in Vietnam compared to Yoast’s team of experts?

But if you ignore Yoast SEO Academy, then $ 89 is not a small number. How many people dare to spend so much money just to buy 1 seo plugin? Just use the temple, guys!

The plugin I share here, in addition to not being able to update automatically, has all the other features the same as you bought from Yoast. Every time a new version is available, I will update it for you to download here. Remember to follow!

Some frequently asked questions

VirusTotal detects malicious code?

The plugin I bought and downloaded from the Yoast SEO owner and scanned with VirusTotal still warned of VBA32 malicious code. They responded that VirusTotal uses Heuristic technique – a method of detecting viruses by analyzing potentially dangerous pieces of code to predict new virus variants, so there are many cases of “false positive” detection. “. Not only Yoast SEO Premium, but many other source codes with JS files are also affected, so you can rest assured to use.

Installing Yoast SEO Premium is the keyword to the top?

There is no such thing. Yoast SEO or any seo plugin can only help. The top seo depends on your content and many other factors (see details). I know a lot of people who don’t even use any seo plugin and their website still ranks high on Google. So, get rid of that naive thought right away!

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math which is better?

Just because a plugin has more features doesn’t mean it’s more useful. Importantly, what features do you need in it? Yoast SEO or Rank Math has a lot of great features, but I only use a few that I really need. How many people are using 100% of all features of Yoast SEO or Rank Math effectively? So what’s the best comparison for what? Whatever you are used to, just use it!

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