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The Yamaha Tenere 700 Raid was first introduced at EICMA 2021 as a Concept, which is a better off-road capable version of the standard Tenere 700. Recently with the designs that Yamaha submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, it seems that the Japanese car company is ready for mass production of Tenere 700 Raid.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Raid revealed a new design, focusing on better off-road capabilities

The Yamaha Tenere 700 Raid revealed a new design, focusing on better off-road capabilities.
​The design submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office is a hybrid of the prototype Concept and Standard Tenere like Frame, suspension, brake and tail. However, the front fender is like a standard tire-hugging type, not an advanced one like the Concept version. Even the tires are like tires Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR used on the standard model instead of the more rugged off-road rubber of the version Concept debut at EICMA 2021.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Raid Concept tại EICMA 2021.
The Concept that appeared once had its own machined engine cover, but the engine was used in the design of the model Hold 700 Raid this time it looks like the CP2 engine used on standard models like Tenere 700 and MT-07. The exhaust pipe of the design also looks identical to the one Hold 700 now available. Looking at the similarities, one could assume this is just a redesign of the standard Tenere.

But the difference comes from the name ‘Raid’. Specifically, Yamaha has upgraded the width of the front tire and front fork, which is clearly the model Hold 700 Raid New is significantly wider than Hold 700 present.

The extra width can be attributed to a larger fuel tank. Like sample Concept, The new design shows up to two fuel filler caps, suggesting that the twin fuel tanks extend down the sides of the vehicle.

While the crank is a more refined version of the Concept, but with a smaller belly pan, although it seems bulkier than the belly pan on the Hold 700 present.

Windshield of Hold 700 Raid The new one also seems taller, although it retains the same shape as the standard model. Behind is a digital screen, probably a color screen TFT upgrade than LCD belong to Hold 700.
While the design doesn’t appear to be as powerful as the Concept model, it does appear to be a step up from the Tenere 700. Many speculations suggest that Hold 700 Raid will be provided with Tenere 700 standard, the same way BMW offers F850GS and F850GS Adventure.

When Hold 700 Raid will go into production has not yet been clearly announced by the Japanese automaker. This design was filed on September 30th and officially registered on October 12th, more than a month before the EICMA 2021 event. Yamaha’s choice to show the Concept version in Milan instead shows that it’s a sign of the company. not quite ready at the time. A launch in 2023 seems more logical.
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