Wordle 308: April 23, 2022 Hints & Answer

April 23rd brings another Wordle word into the world, and today’s answer could stump a few players out there. Wordle is a simple word guessing game that gained popularity with its simple gameplay, once-a-day nature, and excellent social media sharing ability. Each day a new word is added to the game for players to guess, Wordle provides hints by highlighting certain letters based on their position in the correct word. Throughout the beginning of 2022, it was nearly impossible to look through any social media site without seeing the signature colored boxes showing off players’ successes in the game. Although the social posts may have dwindled, Wordle is still played by many and has become a staple in their daily routine.

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Wordle‘s popularity has also brought along with it a slew of copycat games that attempt to recreate the same buzz that the original had. Everything from specific genres like Marvel or Star Wars Wordle, to copycat games that remove words entirely and have players guessing a song or movie based on a single frame. None of these copycats have had the success that Wordle has had, but many are finding their niche and have players adding them to a daily list of short games to play during a coffee break.

Today’s Wordle Hints (April 23rd #308)

Wordle April 23rd 308 Hints

Before we spoil today’s Wordle answer, we wanted to provide a few hints for players who don’t want to cheat directly but still need a little help to solve the puzzle.

  • Hint 1: Today’s answer contains three vowels.
  • Hint 2: There are no repeated letters in this answer.
  • Hint 3: This Wordle answer would go good in a martini.

Today’s Wordle Answer (April 23rd #308)

Wordle April 23rd 308 Attempt

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The April 23rd Wordle answer is OLIVE.

Despite being a very common word, the use of multiple vowels could easily throw some players. For our starting Wordle word today we used ROAST which only provided an incorrectly placed ‘O’. Our second attempt was FLOOD which showed us the correctly placed ‘L’ and another incorrect spot for the ‘O’. On our third attempt, we went with CLOVE, this practically gave away the correct answer with the right spot for ‘V’ and ‘E’. Finally, the only possible word left was the correct one, OLIVE.

Wordle continues to provide a nice break from the day and a small brain-burner for puzzle fans. How did your guesses compare to ours?

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