Strange things’ Season four introduced us to Dmitri, also known as Enzo. He is the charming and lovable Russian prison guard who helps Hopper throughout the season. Almost all fans loved seeing Enzo on screen; however, some people might wonder why the actor playing this character seems so familiar.

Enzo offered to help Hopper just to earn some money for his family. So, the American policeman offers him $40,000 to get out of that hell on Earth. But unfortunately, Yuri, the guy who was supposed to help Hopper, betrays Enzo. On top of that, Yuri informs the officers that it is Enzo who has been helping Hopper escape from prison.

Enzo, who is now behind bars with Hopper, tries to get away from the American from the dark. Enzo went to great lengths to bribe another Russian guard so he could join the gang, but that effort is wasted. So, in the end, Hopper and Enzo have no choice but to fight the Demogorgon, the upside-down creature that Russian officials use as a form of entertainment.

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Joyce and Murray successfully tricked the Russians into breaking into the prison, so they were able to help Enzo and Hopper against the Upside Down monster. Now, since Enzo has survived the entire ordeal, we might see him in the remaining two episodes of Strange things Season 4.

Who plays Enzo in season 4 of Stranger Things?

Thomas Wlaschiha plays the role of Enzo or Dmitri in Strange things Season 4. The actor looks so familiar because we have seen him play a crucial role in the HBO series. game of Thrones.

The German actor played Jaqen H’ghar in multiple seasons of OBTAINED. Jaqen was a member of the Faceless Men, who trained Arya to become a fearsome assassin. Wlaschiha’s performance on the HBO show was well received by millions of fans around the world, and that’s why seeing the actor in Strange things took everyone by surprise.


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