Why do Vietnamese social networks often fail?

The era of digital technology has taken the throne, social networks have grown tremendously, from the old to the young, from the healthy to the weak, from the underweight to the overweight… also use MX.

So social networks sprout like mushrooms after the rain and Vietnam is no exception.

Bạn Đang Xem: Why do Vietnamese social networks often fail?

As you know, in recent years, our companies in Vietnam have tried to develop a number of social networks with the hope of attracting a large number of users.

First is the domestic market, then will “take over” to foreign markets. Most recently we have Gapo and Lotus ! Before that, there were Zing Me, Mocha, Tam Tay…

However, the results were not as expected, we have all witnessed the life of these social networks, just take out the oxygen tank and I’m done. So what is the reason? Let’s analyze through the article below!

#first. About technology

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This is an extremely important factor, the core factor that determines the success or failure of a Social Network.

If you pay attention, you will see a lot of new social networks in Vietnam with an interface quite similar to Facebook but not as smooth and stable as.

Simply because our programmers are still not qualified to optimize the interface, as well as the performance. It may not be that they are inferior in terms of qualifications, but they are inferior in experience.

This is also hard to blame the developers, because in fact, if anyone has been using Facebook for a long time, they have many times encountered errors when using Facebook such as: messages cannot be sent, images cannot be displayed, video can’t play, lots of miscellaneous errors…

But through the updates and modifications, it is as good as it is today, but I dare not say it is perfect.

But the prerogative of the first is that they have more time to perfect. And users also have time to slowly adapt to that.

Well, when users are used to smooth use, when they switch to a new MXH platform, they will make comparisons, of course. But how can the new MXH be stable right away, is that right!

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In addition to the problem of web programming, another very important issue is that the ability to handle and operate the server is still not good enough.

I take for example the Lotus social network, many people reflect that it is very laggy, slow to enter, even unable to load … these problems are related to the server system.

#2. No thorough user research

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Every social network is born to serve the entertainment needs, learn information … of users.

Companies have to spend a lot of money researching usage behavior, the things that users do on the Internet in order to deliver a social network that users enjoy.

Obviously, Vietnamese social networks do not have this.

Look at the big guys like Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter…. We all find it convenient and close to use. It feels like the application understands us very well!

Even if it’s the first time using them, of course not all are convenient but it is clear that it makes them fun to use.

Or most recently, TikTok, it is hard to imagine that one day this social network will be so powerful. Even Facebook has to be wary.

One of the reasons for their success is that the development company has created endless excitement for users when using this social network.

This does not come naturally, but it is a mountain of money to study their Internet use behavior.

Moreover, they were also completely different from social networks at that time, they created a trend of short videos, which is very suitable for the “quick like” trend of today’s youth.

#3. We’ve been way ahead

Having said that, it must be said again, in fact, even if we launch a social network that can be said to be fine, it is still competition from other big players who have been in the Vietnamese market for at least a dozen times. last year.

Something that lasts this long is no longer a normal social network, it is a habit – even their job. But once it’s a habit, it’s hard to break!

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Typically, there are people who don’t surf Facebook or Tiktok for a day and feel uncomfortable, anxious, restless, needy.. It’s so addicting ◔◡◔

Or those used for work purposes, too, it contains a lot of contact information with partners, such as photos, videos, documents …. or other problems. Lots of information related to social networks.

#4. What opportunities for Vietnamese social networks?

tai-sao-cac-mang-xa-hoi-viet-nam-thuong-that-bai (2)

Take a look at Zalo, to say this is a true social network is not, but since its inception, it has been oriented to be a social network.

Although today, Zalo users use the most messaging and video calling features, but it is clear that it has competed with other applications from abroad.

The lesson learned is to understand the real needs of the user and hit hard, drill deeply…. Only then can we hope to have a social network of our own.

Zalo has grasped the needs of users for texting and video calling, so they have exploited and strongly developed this feature at the beginning.

In the past, SMS messaging was very expensive, then Zalo appeared like a god with the message “Zalo – Sending love” – ​​everything is free, so why not use it, while the application There was not much Vietnamese interface at that time.

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can use everything for free. Although at that time Facebook also had similar features, the problem was that the registration method and usage method were not as convenient as Zalo.

Having a domestic social network, in addition to economic issues, it also has significant benefits in politics and national security. It is not natural that countries that are difficult to control information have banned many social networks.

From a user’s perspective, it’s clear that using domestic goods is still better, because simply if you have questions, complaints, or grievances… you have a place to “cheat”. As for Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, feel free to scream, no one will listen to you – if you’re not “old enough”

Hopefully with the current technological development momentum, in a few years, we will soon have an official domestic social network!

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