Who is Hai Tu? Biography of the exclusive “muse” of Son Tung company

Who is Hai Tu?
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Green tea drama related to the love triangle between Son Tung, Thieu Bao Tram and Hai Tu was once the focus; attracted the attention of many netizens. Do you know who Hai Tu is? How is Hai Tu’s education? Categories famous people Let’s find out a little about the biography, career and private life of this female model and actress, exclusively Son Tung MTP!

Who is Hai Tu? Hai Tu Biography – Year of birth, hometown, education

Who is Hai Tu?? Hai Tu was originally a photo model, working mainly in Ho Chi Minh City since 2015. She became more known when she joined as an exclusive actress for the male singer’s M-TP Talent entertainment company. Son Tung M-TP. Below are detailed biographical information about Hai Tu.

Biography Who is Hai Tu?
Biography Who is Hai Tu?
  • Real name: Le Quang Hai Tu
  • Nickname: Toutou
  • What year was Hai Tu born: January 1, 1997?
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lqdna
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lq.haitu/
  • Occupation: Photo model, actress

Hai Tu’s education

Not only because of her beautiful appearance, Hai Tu is also one of the few hotgirls who have made a big splash in the industry; for his remarkable academic achievements.

She studied at the top international school in Vietnam, studied in France and is fluent in 3 languages. She was quickly given the title of “one’s family” by netizens in the legend. It is known that before studying Biology and Ecology at Toulouse University in France, Hai Tu studied for a master’s degree at the Sorbonne University.

Hai Tu’s career

Perhaps, Hai Tu’s career has changed a lot since before and after getting caught up in the green tea scandal in 2020. We can see her career as follows:

Used to be a beautiful lookbook model that caused a fever in the online community

At the age of 15, with a set of photos of a clear, gentle muse, she caused a fever in the online community; creating new trends and standards in the perspective of young people’s beauty.

No makeup, no fuss and no revealing, Hai Tu excellently captured the hearts of the online community by his natural, pure and pure beauty.

From a little girl no one knows, Hai Tu’s name is increasingly popular in the Saigon photo model world; become a hotgirl cult of thousands of people.

Despite being famous, Hai Tu is still extremely humble, receiving many compliments from seniors and seniors for her professional attitude and enthusiasm in the profession. From here, Hai Tu continuously caught the eye of cosmetic brands; Famous fashion like REN, The Blue Tshirt, Nosbyn. Her image gradually spread all over social networking sites.

Hai Tu becomes the exclusive face of Son Tung MTP company

At the end of 2020, Son Tung’s MTP Talent company suddenly announced that Hai Tu became the company’s exclusive actor face.

Possessing a unique beauty, a strange profile, and the guidance of “Boss”, netizens do not hesitate to put their hopes on her bright future.

Overview of Hai Tu’s green tea scandal right after debut

In December 2020, Hai Tu officially debuted as the female lead in the MV “We are now”. Right after its release, the MV quickly rose to the Top trending of YouTube.

Who is Hai Tu green tea?
Hai Tu becomes the exclusive face of Son Tung MTP company

In addition to the heavy investment in music, the image cannot help but mention Hai Tu, which has contributed to the MV’s success beyond expectations. Possessing the “muse” beauty, natural acting, she excellently occupied the MV spotlight

However, also at the time of the MV’s release, it was reported that Hai Tu became the third “tuesday” between Son Tung MTP and Thieu Bao Tram’s love story; made many fans “turn the car” immediately.

The story begins when Non Mango – Linh Ngoc Dam, Thieu Bao Tram’s sister association posted a picture of a cream cake; accompanied by a meaningful, comforting status line.

Immediately, netizens pointed an arrow at Hai Tu. Because before that, she continuously posted pictures with Son Tung. And even, many people praised both of them for having a husband and wife. And of course, it’s all just speculation and neither of them have given any correct information.

The thought the story was stopped. But within just a few days since the drama started, netizens have had a lot of confirmation confirming it Hai Tu green tea That’s why the couple Son Tung – Thieu Bao Tram went their separate ways. It seems that Hai Tu’s reputation collapsed after just one night of his debut. The wave of anti-Hai Tu boycotts is getting stronger and stronger, with many harsh criticisms. Not only that, the MV in which she participated as the female lead also received a lot of reports.

Before this emotional scandal of the Boss, many people expressed their heavy disappointment. Because before that, Thieu Bao Tram had been quietly beside him since he had nothing in his hand. Until he became the most entertaining star in Showbiz Vietnam.

On Hai Tu’s side, her road seems to have completely evaporated on social networking platforms. Although he did not lock his account, Hai Tu did not have any interactive activities for more than 1 year.

How is Hai Tu now?

After 1 year since the green tea drama stirred public opinion, Son Tung and Hai Tu finally appeared in the same frame.

Who is Hai Tu in the photo to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Son Tung company?
Hai Tu in the photo to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Son Tung company

Most recently, on the fanpage of entertainment company M-TP Talent, a photo of its 5th anniversary has been posted. The photo has the appearance of many familiar faces; is currently the “home chicken” of the company, including Hai Tu. This has implicitly confirmed that Son Tung’s “muse” is still the company’s exclusive actress.

Currently, Hai Tu does not have any new art activities. Perhaps, this is also the purpose of the company to protect her image.

Who is Hai Tu? Through the above information, readers must have known more about Hai Tu and the latest information about Hai Tu since the green tea scandal. Let’s wait and see with Digital Experience, whether Hai Tu is the girl Capricorn Typically, is there any spectacular comeback to regain popularity this year!

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