Where to Find Tover Tokens at Seven Outpost 7

With all the new changes that go on in Fortnite, it can be hard for most fans to keep up with the latest gameplay meta. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 was just teased which shows that roller coaster and other resort themed events will be coming soon. Another new feature this season is the “Snap Quests” which are all centered around one of the main characters, also named Snap.

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Sadly, the Snap quests are not available to everyone. They can only be unlocked by purchasing the Fortnite Battle Pass for this season. Once that’s done, fans will be rewarded with five battle stars, which can be used towards purchasing Snap for a total of 10 battle stars. Additionally, once Snap is purchased, players will be able to find the Tover tokens throughout the map.


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There are typically three tokens at multiple places, such as Rave Cave, Condo Canyon, and Shift Shaft. And once gamers gather a bunch, they can use them to customize their very own Snap for different parts that can be unlocked at each location. For example, gamers can mix and match different head, arms, and leg pieces to make their Snap unique to them. So for Fortnite fans who need help finding the ones at Seven Outpost 7, here are all the Tover token locations at this spot.

Tover Token 1

Seven Outpost 7 can be found towards the eastern portion of the map at one of the small islands. Once fans reach this location, the first token can be found at the top right section of the island, where the rift used to be. It will be floating in front of the stone circle on the hill that was the vault’s outer entrance.

Tover Token 2

The second token is right behind the previous token towards the southwestern section of the island. There should be two buildings there, and the token will be floating in front of the blue sliding door.

Tover Token 3

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The last token can be found towards the center portion of the island. If players walk along the dock, it should be floating right at the end where a boat would be, or where players would fish.

The reward for finding all the Fortnite Tover tokens at Seven Outpost 7 is the Snap Arms (Utility) customizable style option. It gives Snap cool-looking mechanical factory arms that resemble a razor from a box cutter.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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