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The Choppa locations in Fortnite are tucked around the edges of the island, and while you might expect a giant hunk of flying metal to stand out against the landscape, they’re surprisingly hard to find. They’re also versatile and fast, making them one of the best ways to navigate the map.

Where are the Choppa locations in Fortnite?

Where to find the Choppa in Fortnite All Choppa

We’ve found four Choppas on the island so far, all of which are at the edge of the island and susceptible to being swallowed up by the storm at the start of a match. Here’s where to look.

Given their location on the map, it’s best to land near the choppa so you have a better chance of reaching it before the storm closes in. With only four Choppas to ride, you can naturally expect some competition from others who want to take on the challenge. , so try to aim for a spot further away from the Battle Bus’ path if you can.

Enter the Choppa the same way you would a car or truck, then off you go.

Choppa Commands

The Choppa controls much the same as any other vehicle, but with the obvious exception of being able to climb higher and descend. It also has a boost option that gives you a brief boost in speed at the expense of fuel.

The Choppa is still vulnerable to fire from other players, even at high altitudes, although you can climb up and down to try and distract their aim. The Choppa will crash when it runs out of fuel, but although the helicopter turns into an explosive fireball, you won’t take any damage once it crashes.

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These are some of the best vehicles for getting around the island, so they’re worth grabbing even after completing the challenge.

Walk 1000 meters in the Choppa

The Choppa challenge is quite simple. You just need to… well, cover 1,000 meters without crashing. After completing the challenge, you will get 20,000 XP for your battle pass level.

If you’re trying to rack up even more XP, check out the May 4 quests while they’re still here, including blocking attacks with a lightsaber and going to a Stormtrooper checkpoint. If you’re looking for skins, Omega Knight Quests are now live, with a chance to earn new base skin cosmetics over the next few weeks.

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