Where did I make money as a freelancer?

Freelancer is a freelance job, suitable for those who already have working experience and want to have an extra income in addition to working in the company. In this article, I will introduce a money-making platform that I am currently working on, which is Fiverr. So what is Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?
Fiverr is a very large network of freelancers in the international market, where transactions between people of the same service and those who want to hire services. Fiverr it will be different from other freelancer sites, other freelancer sites, those who want to hire them will put up specific work, those who need the job, they will bid. As for fiverr, the person who needs the job will create a service, the person who wants to hire them will see their service and order.
For example: I am a programmer and join the fiverr platform, my experience is web programming, then I will create a service called “I will make web for you”. Anyone who wants to make a website, they will see your service and will contact you

Instructions to create a Fiverr account
Click on the link SIGN UP FIVERR , after clicking will display the interface below.

Step 1: In this step will enter your email and press Continue

Step 2: Enter a username and password then select Join. Note that the password must be a string consisting of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters and must be longer than 7 characters.

Step 3: Verify to prove it’s not a BOT

Step 4: After verifying successfully, Fiverr requires you to go to your email to activate your account

Step 5: After clicking active from the mail, you will receive a successful activation message as shown.

Edit account information
After successful activation, on the message there is an edit your profile section, please click on it.

When you click edit your profile, you will move to this screen, here you just need to enter FullName and click Save Changes.

In the upper right corner of the screen there is an icon, clicking on it will open a small popup with the word Profile. Clicking on Profile will move to the account’s information details.

Here you will tick I’m a freelancer and click Save Changes

Next you will drag your mouse down and add the skills you have, your school and other certifications if applicable. This is the information that customers will see your information, this is also a factor for customers to choose you to fulfill their request or not. A profile without anything is definitely not trustworthy.

How to Create a Gig
At fiverr there is a concept called Gig. Gig here means that your service wants to be rented to others. For example I will have a Gig (service) named “I will coding java for you”.

To create Gig, at Profile click “Create a New Gig”, the first time you register an account there will be a few introductory pages, please read carefully and then click Continue.

If you haven’t updated your information, fiverr will ask to update some details, including your full name, avatar and account description, and more. Information marked with a red * is required. Please follow all the steps.

After completing the information, the Gig registration interface will appear as above. Next we will fill in the information of Gig

GIG TITLE : Always start with “I will” this is Gig’s built-in default. Next will enter the name of the service content you want to sell. Here I will write “create website for you”
CATEGORY: In this section will select PROGRAMMING & TECH and WEB PROGRAMMING. There are many other categories, depending on what your skills are, you will choose accordingly
GIG METADATA : In this section, I will choose the program language PHP
SEARCH TAGS : This item you will enter php, html, javascript. Depends on what your language is.
After entering, click Save continue

Here, fill in the information of the BASIC package, in which there will be 3 packages: BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM. Depending on how much time it takes to work, you will choose the corresponding package. Here, I only guide to fill in the information for the BASIC package
Name your package : The name of your service pack (usually will be the same as Gig’s name)
Describe the details of your offering : Describe the details of your offer.
Day delivery : Select the number of days to complete the project.
Price : Choose the amount for your service
After filling in, select Save continue

Briefly Describe Your Gig : Enter a detailed description of your Gig, such as what services you provide, what technologies you use in the project….After filling it out, click Save Continue

In this step are the messages that you want to tell the customer when ordering your service. For example, what customers need to prepare, what information, what documents you can easily work with. Then click Save Continue

In this step, you need to prepare a photo to represent your Gig. After selecting, click Save continue.

In the last step choose Publish Gig. That’s how you have successfully created your Gig. When you go back to your profile, you will see that there is an Active Gig.

How to let others know and hire my Gig
When I first joined fiverr, I didn’t have any tenants at first, but fortunately I did have a few contacts. At that time, I did it for a very cheap price, rated 5 stars, this assessment is used to increase credibility with others. When your reputation increases, they will hire you. When others know, they will find services that match the Gig name that we provide, or we will bring the service link to certain groups and forums to promote our services.

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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