What’s remarkable about Trader Joe’s (JOE) Q1/2022 roadmap?

Recently, on his personal Twitter account, Cryptofish co-founder Trader Joe shared the upcoming directions of this project. Let’s take a look at the changes of the project in the first quarter of 2022!

What's remarkable about TraderJoe's Q1/2022 roadmap?
What’s remarkable about TraderJoe’s Q1/2022 roadmap?

The main changes revolve around 3 highlights include: Rocket Joe, Tokenomic and NFT market.

Details of the changes

About aspect Rocket JOE, this is the Launchpad platform, helping to bring more applications to the project’s native token, JOE. This change should help with the following issues:

  • Front-running bot when there are new token listing activities.
  • Price manipulation behavior because of weak token liquidity.
  • The network is down.
  • DeFi 2.0 compatibility: support for POL (protocol-owned liquidity) platforms.

If you have questions about Front-running bot and MEV, readers can learn about this in the article below:

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Next is tokenomic V2 of JOE. The changes are expected to help:

  • Farm Stable JOE
  • Farm Rocket JOE
  • There are periods of downbeat in order to increase staking momentum in the long term.
  • Token stakers will have special incentives from the operation of the Rocket Joe platform.

With NFT market, JOE will continue to deploy and release the collection of JOEPEGs – the collection is expected to be deployed in 2021, but it needs to be rescheduled to the first quarter of 2022. This move to develop the NFT exchange makes it possible for TraderJOE to spread the remarkable innovations around NFT technology.

It is expected that this NFT floor will be deployed after Rocket JOE officially goes on air.

Personal opinion

JOE token has been present on many major CEX exchanges like Binance or FTX, which partly makes the expectation of strong and breakthrough growth for this token will somewhat cool down. However, attracting a large percentage of JOE stake tokens in the project pool is a notable highlight, helping to reduce selling pressure.

Regarding Launchpad activities, this will be a factor that helps increase buying demand for JOE. Whether the increase in JOE is strong or not depends on the ROI of the first projects on Launchpad. Therefore, the impact from this step will require the first few projects to have data for more accurate estimates.

NFT marketplace is more of a move to keep up with the trend than to boost the price of native tokens. Typically, PancakeSwap or Raydium, the top 1 AMM in BSC and Solana did not witness strong growth steps from the announcement of the launch of NFT. Therefore, I personally think this is not a strong influence factor.

Note: The above article is for informational purposes only and personal opinion. All content should not be considered investment advice!

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