What should I invest with 3 billion? ? What to do with 3 billion in hand? With the strong development of the economy, there is indeed no shortage of investment channels or forms of making money. But what will be the “trend” way of making money this year? Let’s take a look at the hot market news and effective ways to make money and invest through this article!

What to invest with 3 billion – The “active” way to make money

Franchise coffee – what to invest with 3 billion in hand

Franchising is an organization or individual that will be allowed to use the brand to conduct business in the subject’s goods/services. It is carried out according to the form as well as the typical business method from the franchisor’s brand, technology, and management method.

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What to do with 3 billion in hand?
What to do with 3 billion in hand?

Opening a coffee shop is no longer strange to investors in today’s era. Although the market is now saturated with this investment option, if you have big and unique ideas to build your own coffee brand with your own style, then boldly give it a try.

As with franchising, there will be many opportunities for you when the brand is known. So doing business will also be easier when there are a number of known customers. However, the first time will be quite difficult for you about the franchise contract. Of course, you will have to refer to the coffee shop business forms in this form to be able to directly limit the initial cost of this 3 billion investment business!

Maybe you are interested in profitable investment

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What should I invest with 2 billion to make a profit? The good profit source in the future

Invest in opening a gym – what to do with 3 billion?

Nowadays, health is always one of the hot topics that many people are interested in. This is the advantage of an abundant source of customers that has not been fully exploited in this industry. Every week people from all professions and ages have the need to exercise to improve physical fitness as well as enhance health. With such a great demand, the density of gyms today is mostly concentrated in central areas. What to do with 3 billion in hand? Opening a gym is an opportunity for investors who do not know what business to do.

The idea is not new, but if you can make a difference, you will succeed. Like the construction of an existing gym in a densely populated but undeveloped area, or a new, private gym with a new and private design, it will be a place for customers to relax and practice away from daily fatigue. Along with developing infrastructure, services, incentives and using appropriate marketing campaigns. Then surely with the idea of ​​having this 3 billion investment you will be successful soon.

What is 3 billion idle money to invest? – Passive earning direction

Join an investment fund – What should you invest with 3 billion?

It can be said that current investment funds are created to help investors benefit by their inherent advantages when operating as part of an investment group. Simply put, this investment group will be responsible for all investments in a professional, optimal way and supported by supervision by other authorities and banks.

What is the 3 billion idle money to invest?
What is 3 billion idle money to invest?

Accordingly, here, the inherent capital of investors will be organized by managers to invest in items with the potential to bring high profits. Thus, the management will be ensured to limit the risks comprehensively. Moreover, investing in investment funds will help you reduce the burden of professional capacity, industry knowledge and time and effort spent too much.

Is real estate investment still a “fatty bait”?

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What should I invest with 3 billion? Real estate investment has always been popular with many people and many statistical analysts with many potentials and opportunities for development. If you have 3 billion in hand, investing in real estate is always a good idea.

What should I invest with 3 billion? - The direction of making money
What should I invest with 3 billion? – The direction of making money “trend” of 2022

Making money has never been easy, nor is it for real estate. Not only need to spend money to buy land, buy a house will be profitable. But what you need to do is to learn, evaluate, and learn from the experiences of those who have gone before to choose potential and profitable real estate. Accordingly, geographical location, legality, red book – pink book, cost, etc. are the key factors that need to be taken into account. If you meet all these factors, then with the amount of 3 billion you spend to buy, you can return good profits for you.

Some forms of real estate business that bring high profits you can refer to are as follows:

  • Apartment.
  • Street frontage house for rent.
  • Project land.
  • Real estate resort or tourism,…

Maybe you are interested in profitable investment

HCMC real estate market – Forecast of the full picture in 2022


Above is a summary of ideas with 3 billion should invest that you can refer to. Hopefully with ideas that Market hot news The above suggestions can help you open up new opportunities for your capital. Wishing investors success in the direction and goal they choose!


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