What is the robots meta tag? The role of robots meta tag in SEO

In the documentation about the robots.txt file, TIEN ZIVEN showed you how to better control the crawling process at the site-wide scale. In this article, we will introduce another way to control and save scratch budget in SEO. Learn cards with TIEN ZIVEN What is meta robots?? Some games and ways to optimize crawling with robots meta tag!

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Learn about Robots Meta Tags to optimize Google crawling

Robots meta tag (robots meta tag) is the command line that controls how search engines crawl, index, and serve search results for each web page. The location of the robots meta tag is the

part of the page. Sample syntax:

While: The robots.txt file sets out the robot exclusion criteria for the entire website. The robots meta tag and the x-robots-tag (collectively, the meta robots directive) declare page-level settings that control how Google presents content in the SERPs.

The role of the robots meta tag in the element Technical SEO quite similar to the robots.txt file. However, there are a few more features for you to use in combination with both methods. See how to implement a detailed robot file at What is robots.txt??

2.1. Optimize crawl budget

Robots meta tag Control all 3 processes of crawling, indexing and ranking. Therefore, when used properly, you can distribute turns data collection in effective website. This helps optimize crawl budget and important pages with updated content will be crawled better.

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2.2. Optimizing website quality and authority

Card meta robots help improve the quality of website content timely and effectively. Along with quality, the website authority in the eyes of Google also increases.

That’s because the robots meta tag helps you block crawling and indexing of pages:

  • Thin content (thin content), or the page provides no value to the user.
  • Privacy page, not public
  • Internal search
  • The page is not for SEO purposes as advertising – paid search, news site, events
  • Duplicate content – Duplicate content
meta robots
As the percentage of quality pages is increased, the authority of the website is improved

Therefore, the card meta robots Used in conjunction with x-robots-tag, robots.txt and sitemap to implement effective content audit. Read more What is a sitemap??

If you have learned about advanced SEO factors, you will know the concept of power flow (link juice). Simply put, each page will have a different level of authority for the search engine. When applying technique internal link and backlink authority will be shared among multiple sites.

Therefore, the use of controlling the data collection method helps robots meta tag contribute power flow management.

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The position of the parameters is the content of the content attribute of the robots meta tag. Common commands for efficient page indexing and serving include:

  • index: declares that the search engine can index this site. However, pages with good content Google defaults to the index. Therefore, you do not need to import it.
  • noindex: page not indexed message.
  • follow: Allows crawler access to the landing page the links in the page to crawl. Similar to index, follow is also the default command.
  • nofollow: Do not allow web crawlers to follow the link
  • all: compound statement has the same value as both index and follow commands
  • none: equivalent to noindex along with nofollow
  • noimageindex: do not index the images in the page
  • noarchive: message not showing cached link
  • nosnippet: message not showing description on search results
  • notranslate: declare that the search engine does not show the translation
  • unavailable_after: Specify the exact time for search engines to stop crawling and indexing the page.

These parameters can be used in conjunction with each other, declared with a comma (,). Example:

And of course, these parameters are also available for x-robots-tag.

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There are actually many extensions that display the robots meta tag statement visually. However, to check the robots meta tag status does not need to be so cumbersome. You can view by:

  1. Open the HTML source of the page: Right-click > View Source code. Or Ctrl + U (for windows) or Command + Option + U (for OS)
  2. Use the content search engine: Ctrl + F
  3. Import name=”robots” and see the content in content property

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When you want to set up directives with meta robots tag, just note the location is in the

area. For Website with manual code, you will need a technician to set up the robots meta tag content editing area. As for the WordPress website, there are 2 cases:

Website using Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that supports effective SEO implementation that TIEN ZIVEN often uses. You can set the command for robot meta tag At the bottom of each page, the article is in the Advanced YoastSEO section.

  • Allow search engines to show up in search results (index/noindex)
  • Allow search engines to follow links (follow/nofollow)
  • Advanced meta robots help you to set other commands

noindex nofollow

Websites using Rank Math

For Rank Math, do in turn:

Step 1: Go to the content editing page

Step 2: Select Advanced

meta noindex

Step 3: Choose the right commands

meta noindex nofollow


All the notes about robots meta tag TIEN ZIVEN has given you. Hope we have answered your card question What is meta robots?? Some roles and how to set up the correct commands. Continue to follow the SEO documents and support TIEN ZIVEN more than you! Thank you!

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