If you do SEO properly, not only will your website “top” Google, boost sales, but also help your website avoid Sandbox from Google as soon as Google Submit URL.

All of this is thanks to the technique of Link Building – specifically the Schema Markup application.

So What is Schema, How to install Schema…? If you do not know anything about Schema – read the article of Prodima Vietnam now!

What is Schema?

Schema with the common name Schema Markup or Schema.org – a piece of HTML Code used to declare Javascript to help mark Structured Data (structured data).

Google Support has provided 3 main formats for Schema that webmasters need to know:

=> In which, Google recommends that people use JSON-LD is better.

What is Schema?
Schema is a piece of HTML code used to mark up structured data

Why does Schema appear?

Google Support gave a reason why they need sites to be marked with Structured Data:

  • It takes a lot of work for Google Search to understand the content of a page. To save time, help us by providing more specific hints about what pages mean through Structured Data”.

Although it is the largest engine in the world, can index millions of web pages every second, but Google still takes a lot of time to understand the content of a web page, so it also greatly affects the quality assessment. Content.

We can help Google understand faster and accelerate the Indexing process by highlighting structured data on each of our web pages.

The importance of Schema in SEO

In fact, there is no evidence that Microdata directly affects the ranking of a website. However, Structured Data brings a lot of great benefits when implementing SEO, specifically:

The site is more prominent on the search results page

The content that is Schema Markup will be prioritized by Googlebot to rank displayed on search results. As a result, your website can attract more customers than your competitors’ websites.

Increase organic traffic

When your website is at the Top on Google, it will attract many natural clicks, increase the authority of the page and promote effective sales.

What is Schema?  The fastest guide to inserting Schema in WordPress image 2
Schema Markup helps the website to display more prominently on Google search results, helping to attract more clicks

Common types of Schema

Understand What is Schema? will help you to know the importance of this algorithm. However, there are many types of Schema that you may not know about, here are a few of the most common Schema:

Course Schema

This type of schema markup is often used for teaching websites to help display information about courses, tuition fees, lecturers, etc., so that students can easily find them through search engines.

Service Schema

This type of schema markup makes it possible for Google to clearly understand the products/services your business offers. Thanks to that, Google can accurately display your website according to the user’s search query.

Job Posting Schema

Schema Job Posting is suitable for businesses that want to post job ads to find potential candidates. It helps to display your job details on Google’s job page to attract more suitable candidates.

Person Schema Markup

You need this schema markup so that Google can better understand the target users interested in the content on your website.

What is Schema?  The fastest way to insert Schema in WordPress image 3
Example of Person Schema Markup

Book Schema

Book Schema helps booksellers / publishers, can display full information about products such as: author, year of publication, name …

Organization Schema

Benefits of Organization What is Schema?? This type of Schema will have a positive impact on the Google Knowledge Graph to help your business brand stand out more when displayed on Google.

Site search

Sometimes you’ll see a search box show up below the site results – allowing users to search the site without clicking on the page.


Sitelinks will appear below the main link of a website when users search on Google – helping to increase your organic click-through rate.

Event Schema Markup

Event Schema will fully display important information of an event including: name, venue, time, reward / gift… becoming more impressive in the eyes of users.

What is Schema?  The fastest guide to inserting Schema into WordPress image 4
Example of Event Schema Markup

Product Schedule

Is a structured data form of a product, which helps Google to fully display important information such as selling price, customer ratings, etc. to help improve the user experience better.

Recipe Schema

Recipe Schema will be a great support for websites that provide all kinds of beauty and cooking recipes… It helps to display information about ingredients, preparation / cooking time… so that users can preview before clicking. into the page.

Schema Article

Schema Articles are often used with newspaper pages to make it easier for Googlebot to understand articles on the site – increasing visibility in the top search results.

Local Business Schema

This type of Schema helps Googlebot easily identify the products and services that your business provides. At the same time, Local Business Schema also supports the process of making SEO Local your better.

What is Schema?  The fastest way to insert Schema in WordPress image 5
Example of Local Business Schema

Breadcrumbs Schema

Breadcrumbs are usually located at the top of the page – a small text link that helps users know where they are when accessing the website. At the same time, this type of Schema helps to show the position of the page on Google or the category of a website.

Review Schema

Review Schema helps to display the reviews and ratings of a website. If you have not used this type of Schema yet, use it now because it helps to increase the click-through rate to the page significantly.

Featured Snippets

Is a short text displayed at the top of Google search results, helping users to find information quickly without clicking on a website link.

Featured snippets will include: Definition, steps, list, and table. The content of the excerpt is taken from the web pages in the Google Index.

How to check Schema on website

You also learned about types What is Schema? as well as what type of Schema is commonly used today. However, to know if your site has been marked with the map schema, please proceed to check through the following 2 steps:

Step 1: Go to Google tools page

Section “Fetch URLs” => you enter the Domain address or the article Link (according to your needs) => click on “Test”.

Step 2: Wait for Schema loading and analysis to complete

The system will display all the Schema schema results in the URL you entered. If there is more complete data, it means that your website has a good structure that makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index content faster.

However, you need to note a few points in section “Error” and item “Alert” – if they appear, then you should click on each item to find out the problem and come up with a solution right away!

Prodima Vietnam suggests that you check Schema for the entire website as Local Business (Organization) and articles that already have Schema such as: Event, Book, Article and Person.

=> In addition, you can integrate SiteNavigationElement and Breadcrumblist.

Instructions for inserting Schema into WordPress website

What is Schema?  The fastest guide to inserting Schema in WordPress image 6
Install Schema Markup plugin

One of the easiest ways to insert Schema into your website is to use a plugin “Schema” in the Yoast SEO plugin and proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Install and enable Schema.
  • Step 2: Fill in basic information about the website such as contact page => upload website logo. Fill in the fields such as: search results, knowledge panels, content… to optimize for each area.
  • Step 3: In this section you will decide which type of article or category to add Schema to.

=> So, what is the way to add Schema to your WordPress website, apply it now!

Top 3 Schema tactics not everyone knows!

Here are 3 great Schema techniques that Prodima wants to reveal to you to increase efficiency in using Schema for WordPress website:

Should insert Schema for each page

In the past, we used to have a habit of creating a Schema once for the entire website. However, Google has changed the algorithm a lot, you should have a different tactic to help your website perform at its best.

The simplest way is to create a Schema for each URL on each page to reduce the risk that Google Panda will “visit” if there is a Duplicate Content problem.

Schema should be added to Header

Prodima Vietnam recommends that you insert Schema in the Header of the website to help improve rankings better. You can insert Schema in Footer or in article content, but will reduce the effectiveness of Schema.


You also understand the importance of What is Schema? and how to insert Schema into WordPress website. Hopefully through these useful sharing will help you gain more knowledge about Schema in the process of website development and SEO.

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