What is Reno Academy?

OPPO Vietnam today officially launched Reno Academy, a diverse and unique technology playground for young people who love to explore and create with mobile photography.

Reno Academy not only provides an opportunity to experience OPPO’s latest Reno products, but also a place to unite passions and creativity in mobile photography, thereby building and developing a community for people. love Reno and take pictures with Reno.

What is Reno Academy?
In the first season, at the same time as the Reno7 series launch campaign, Reno Academy will bring 3 workshops on mobile photography with 3 themes: Fashion & Beauty, Travel and Food stylist. These are also topics that young people today care about and exploit a lot, and also a big space for you to show different images of yourself like the right message of the Reno7 series – On infinite portrait opening.

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What is Reno Academy?The first workshop on the topic “Battle of Style” bringing attendees to a space imbued with “chameleon” in fashion and make-up with the participation of 2 KoLs in these two fields: make-up artist Quach Anh and stylist/model Diep Linh Chau .

Workshop attendees will share tips on taking photos on mobile, tips for creating colorful & distinctive portraits, telling interesting stories about themselves, and learning about themselves. Directly experience tips on make-up, coordination, and photography on the products in OPPO’s latest Reno series, the Reno7 series.

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