Page Authority is an metric often developed by Moz and quite popular in SEO. So specifically What is Page Authority? And what are the issues to be aware of around this PA indicator? The following article will help you answer these questions!

1. What is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority (PA) is a Moz scoring standard that measures the ability of a particular page to rank on a search engine results page (SERP).

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The PA score is calculated based on Moz’s database with dozens of different factors.

Moz uses a machine learning model to determine an algorithm that correlates with ratings results across thousands of SERPs, and then generates a PA using this calculation. In addition, there are some people who still confuse Page Authority (PA) with Pagerank (PR) by Google.

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2. How is PA scored?

PA score is scored similar to DA (Domain Authority), that is, using a scale from 1 to 100, the higher the score, the better the Page Authority index. Practice shows that it is much easier to increase PA from 20 to 30 than to increase it from 70 to 80.

PA score will not be completely fixed over time, but sometimes there are certain changes. The reason is that the PA calculation algorithm is constantly updated by Moz to better suit the current situation.

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How Moz’s Page Authority metric works

3. PA how many points is good?

As far as Page Authority is concerned, you should use it for comparison when researching and comparing pages to each other, to determine which pages are likely to rank higher or have stronger links. And since it’s a comparison tool, we don’t necessarily have to judge how much PA is good and how much is bad.

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4. Is Page Authority (PA) the same as Domain Authority (DA)?

Both Page Authority and Domain Authority are both indicators developed by Moz, moreover they are often mentioned together.

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So how is PA and DA different?

While PA is a measure of the ranking power of a particular page (a page), DA is a measure of the strength of an entire domain. As 2 metrics used to measure for 2 different audiences, you will see a certain page on the website and that website will have its own authority score. Therefore, you need to pay attention to optimizing factors to ensure both Page Authority and Domain Authority.

However, these indicators are used by Moz with the same calculation method. So, one could say, they are more similar than different.

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5. How to check PA index?

With Moz’s ecosystem, to check the Domain Authority index, you use Link Explorer, MozBar, Moz’s Free SEO Toolbar or go to Keyword Explorer’s SERP Analysis section.

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Besides, the PA index is also incorporated in Moz Pro campaigns as well as the API. In addition, many SEO and online marketing platforms are integrated with Page Authority metrics, so you can check PA scores with more options.

6. Understanding Page Authority from a Technical Perspective

As mentioned above, PA is calculated similarly to Domain Authority, but for a specific and individual site. This scoring is based on data from Mozscape along with looking at a set of more than 40 other factors – but does not include on-page factors such as keyword frequency, content quality, etc.

In fact, Page Authority depends a lot on the quality of the page link (with reliable sources recommending and linking back to your page).

PA also uses a machine learning algorithm, so its score will also fluctuate and the input data will change. Therefore, SEOers often use the PA (and DA) index as a reference to compare pages with each other, not see it as a great number to score a certain page.

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7. How to affect PA score?

The PA score (just like the DA score) is very difficult to influence directly to change it. Because this is an index calculated based on other sub-indexes, each of these sub-indexes is influenced by many factors. SEO Offpage different.

Each changing factor will have a certain influence (the degree of dissimilarity is correlated with the importance of each factor) on the small indices, thereby changing the PA score. This is also consistent with the way that Google combines many different criteria to rank a particular page.

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So how can PA influence?

The advice for you is to improve your link profile. You can start by looking for the Quality backlinks from sites with high PA scores.

8. Note when optimizing PA . index

Usually, the check PA Often used for the purpose of checking the fluctuation of the Page Authority score. According to experience, basically, PA has a relative dependence on the link profile. Therefore, changes related to the link will affect this metric.

If a page has a lot of backlinks from reputable and quality sources, the PA will be better. However, the rapid growth of additional links compared to other pages will be an unusual signal and will be “noticed” by search engines.

This situation can lead to a disadvantage and the website will also lose “power”. Deploying optimal backlink PA cannot be done arbitrarily, have a specific plan so that quality links bring you the best results.

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9. Conclusion

With this article, hopefully you have a better understanding of the DA . index What is PA? and related content, from which you can apply them to your SEO implementation. Reviewing the Page Authority index will give you useful data, evaluate the correlation of the ranking ability of pages with each other as well as monitor fluctuations on the page to help you optimize SEO more effectively.

Reference source: Page Authority – Moz

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