Besides Google Search, other online tools of Google also bring a lot of conveniences to users, one of which is Google My Business. For businesses, GG Business supports SEO very well and effectively increases the presence of businesses on the internet. So, What is Google Business?? We will find out more with the article below.

1. What is Google Business?

Google Business (Google My Business, GMB) is a tool from Google for businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Google Map.

By using GG Business, customers can find your business and products on the internet. Also introduce the business or product/service you are providing.

google business already
GMB is a free tool.

Using Google Business may require some guidance for beginners. You can learn how to use the tool GG business This is through documents from Google itself or detailed instructions from experts at reputable websites.

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2. Benefits from Google My Business

What benefits does Google Business bring to you and why should you use GMB for your business?

2.1. Enterprise information management

Businesses that have verified information with Google Business are often more trusted by users. This tool will help you manage the information that Google users will see about your business (name, address, website, business hours, products/services that your business provides… ).

gg business
GG Business helps businesses better manage information on the Internet and Google Maps

Therefore, you should update this information timely and accurately so as not to miss the opportunity to introduce your business on Google Maps and Google Search.

2.2. Easy interaction with customers

With tools GG business, your customers can submit their reviews of your business directly. For their part, businesses can read and respond to these reviews right away. In addition, businesses can easily provide actual images of their activities and products/services to promote on GMB effectively.

One of the other great benefits of GG Business is that it helps you read and respond to customer reviews, and post photos of what you do.

google business
This is also a bridge between businesses and their customers

According to Google statistics: Businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through their website (when compared to businesses that don’t do so). ).

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2.3. Increase your business presence

You can use Google Business to reach customers when they do business searches on Google. GG Business features will help you grow your business’s presence on the internet, such as seeing a report of how many people contact you through the phone number that shows up in local search results. by Google.

google my business la gi
Through GMB, Enterprises are more present in the Internet environment

With GG Business, you can conveniently track your performance and plan accordingly to promote and expand your business presence in the future.

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3. How to sign up for Google Business

Hope the above has been able to help you understand What is Google My Business?. In part 3, TIEN ZIVEN will guide you to register for GG Business in the most detail. To register Google My Business, you follow the 6 steps below:

Step 1: Access to GG Enterprise link: and select “Start now”.


Step 2: Fill in the business name and business directory. You select “Continue” to agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and go to the next step.

google my bussiness

Step 3: When Google asks: “Do you want to add a location that customers can visit, like a store or office?”, Select “Yes” and continue.

my google business

Step 4: Enter your address in the form below and continue


Step 5: Provide the regions in which you do business. Although not required, this information will help give your business a priority to show up when queries are made in that area.

dang ky google business

Step 6: Choose a hotline number, website address, or both to be displayed on Google in the content about your business.

my business google

Step 7: Select “Finish” to complete the registration with Google Business.

Note: If you need Google Maps Verification, you must enter the exact location for Google to send you the verification code to the right place.

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4. Guide to using and managing Google Business

To be able to use the tools in GG Business, you need to know the contents of the sections on the Dashboard and the Manage GMB section

4.1. GG Enterprise Dashboard

Sections on the Google Business Dashboard include: Location Management, Linked Accounts, Settings, and Support. Specifically:

  • Location Management (Manage Location): This helps manage your current locations. Because in one account, you can manage many different locations.
  • Linked account (Linked Accounts): This section helps you link accounts together (for example, linking advertising accounts on Google).
  • Setting (Settings): This section helps you to make some basic settings such as language, images, display reviews, etc.
  • Support (Support): This section will help you answer questions about using and managing Google My Business. You can find answers in the pre-edited directory or send questions directly to Google’s support team.
google my business
Google My Business dashboard interface

4.2. Google Business management items

There are quite a few small items you need to study to know how to use the GG Business management section.

your dung google business
Let’s learn them in turn below!

4.2.1. Post (Post)

Here, you access to post new articles or manage articles on GMB. You can choose from a variety of post formats, such as articles, events, offers, and products.

  • What’s new (New content): Post new information about your business with articles with a maximum capacity of 1500 characters (can include 1 image or video). Here, you are supported with tools to create buttons that drive conversions such as book, learn more, buy…
  • Events (Event): Same as above but you can update more information about the event (event name, time).
  • Offer (Offer): You can send your customers preferential coupon codes with attractive prices to promote Sales and product experience opportunities for new customers.
  • Products (Products): This section focuses on posting your business’ products or services. Therefore, please be specific with product information, prices..

4.2.2. Infor (Information)

Fully and accurately updating information on Google My Business will help improve user experience and conversion rates. So, what is additional information on Google Business? That is:

  • Company’s name (store): The name of the store should clearly indicate what products or services you sell or provide.
  • Career: You should choose at least 3 professions (closer to your field). This will make it easier for Google to recognize your product/service and will suggest you for related searches.
  • Location: The area where you sell or provide products/services.
  • Operating time: Business opening time
  • Special time: The time when the business is on holiday or temporarily stops providing services for some particular reason.
  • Phone number: Remember to update your active subscribers and always have someone on call.
  • Website address: Information is especially important for online businesses.

Besides, you can add content about the general introduction, date of establishment, image… of the business.

4.2.3. Insight

The figures in this section of GG Business will help you better understanding of potential customers your. From there, you will have more effective business orientations in the future. Some of the information that many businesses exploit in this section are:

  • Products that your customers are searching for by different time periods such as by month, week.
  • How do customers find your business (type directly, through related industries)?
  • Where do customers find your business (Search or Map)?
  • Customer actions: call, go to business website or get directions…?

4.2.4. Review (Review)

The customer reviews at GMB are also somewhat impact on rankings yours on Google Maps. Try to get lots of good reviews, with good reviews please give good feedback and customer support. In the event that you receive an untrue negative review, you can select “Flag as inappropriate” to have it reviewed.

4.2.5. Photos (Images)

Images will give customers a more intuitive and realistic view of your business, thereby increase trust with customers. Please pay attention to fully update (and quickly update when there is a change) the contents of your profile picture, cover photo, product photo/video… to Google My Business!

4.2.6. Website

You can design and publish one yourself on the web with GG Enterprise. Google will automatically update after you complete the information. Or you can also manually upload more content for your website, there are many attractive interfaces for you to choose from.

4.2.7. User

To support the management of Google Business accounts, you can add users with different roles, suitable for their job position in the business such as: Owner, Manager, Communication manager pine.

4.2.8. Create an Ad

This is a feature that helps you create ads for your business, helping your business information reach more potential customers. If you’ve never used Google Ads, it’s best to learn before using this feature on GG Business.

4.2.9. Add new location

The feature will be useful when you change your business location or open more branches. Because one GMB account can manage many different locations, you can add new addresses easily.

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5. Conclusion

Here are the details about What is Google My Business? and how to use GG Business features. Hopefully with these instructions you have been able to practice on your own and get the benefits that Google My Business bring to business. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact the SEO experts of TIEN ZIVEN for support.

Reference source: What Is Google My Business & Why Do I Need It? | WordStream

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