What is Gari Network (GARI)? Complete set of GARI cryptocurrency

What is Gari Network?

Gari Network is a project that provides an app called Chingari, India’s fastest growing short video sharing platform. Chingari aims to put creators at the heart of the platform’s ecosystem and value proposition.


The platform’s GARI token exists to incentivize creators to produce authentic content while keeping viewers engaged with transparent limited features, exclusive content, and direct participation in the platform’s activities. through a decentralized governance structure.

What’s special about Gari Network?

Chingari has established itself as one of the fastest growing social apps in India, racing ahead of prominent apps like Facebook, Reddit and other short video apps. According to the website offering, the Chingari app currently has more than 70 million active users.


Empowering video content creators around the world with Blockchain:

  • In 2020, Chingari shared 30% of the revenue earned on the platform with the creators. This is a period when content creators don’t have many avenues to monetize their work on other social media platforms.
  • Chingari is continuing to disrupt the creator economy. This time, by allowing video creators and digital artists to earn cryptocurrency for creating and sharing their content.
  • The project is also enabling the audience to monetize with watch-2-earn, engage-2-earn and play-2-earn features in the Chingari app.
  • GARI acts as an in-app currency and a governance token.

Vậy watch-2-earn, engage-2-earn và play-2-earn là gì?

  • Watch-2-earn: Watch videos and earn GARI tokens.
  • Engage-2-earn: Like, comment on videos in Chingari app and earn GARI tokens.
  • play-2-earn: Earn GARI tokens by playing games on the app.

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GARI Tokenomics

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: GARI.
  • Blockchain: Solana.
  • Contract: CKaKtYvz6dKPyMvYq9Rh3UBrnNqYZAyd7iF4hJtjUvks.
  • Token Standard: SPL.
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 PLGR.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating….

Token Allocation & Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

  • Tipping: Users can use the GARI token in their in-app Gari wallet to give money to their favorite Creators directly from the video feed as well as from the Creators profile.
  • Promote: Creators will be able to promote their profiles and posts to over 100 million chingari users, and pay for the service through the GARI token.
  • Regulated Access: Token holders can access exclusive content on the Chingari platform by staking their tokens on the creator pool.
  • Governance: Token holders will be able to stake and earn profits as well as vote on proposals to decide the future direction of the platform.
  • NFTs: Chingari will be the world’s largest NFT video marketplace. These NFTs can only be purchased with GARI tokens.
  • Audio Room Currency: Audio Room is a feature on the Chingari app, similar to Clubhouse, where Creators can connect with their followers via audio meetings. GARI tokens will be used by users to buy gifts for these Creators.

Token Sale

The Gari Network project will open a public sale of GARI tokens on the Huobi PrimeList platform. For details on the sale, see here.

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GARI token On which exchange is it traded?

At 20:00 on January 18, after the end of the above sale, Huobi will open the function of depositing and spot trading of the GARI/USDT pair.

Coin storage wallet GARI

Can be stored on Coin98 Wallet.

Enter Coin98 Wallet Referral ID as “C98NBDN89Q” to support BTA.




gari network investor


gari partner


The roadmap for the year 2022-2023 of the project is as follows:

gari roadmap


With the profits that Huobi’s PrimeList brings, I believe many brothers participated in the token sale. Hope the article provides you with useful information about the project so that you can make the right decision as this is not investment advice.

About Gari Network

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