What is EPP? From AZ the fastest way to get EPP code! 2022

Domain security is extremely important for any domain name owner. But especially for investors and domain businesses. The first protection you should know how to use built into the most basic management of your domain name is the EPP code. So what is EPP? The following article will help you protect your domain name from fraud or theft by introducing you to domain name industry best security practices.

What is EPP?

EPP stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol, also known by many names: authorization code, authentication code, domain secret code, transfer secret code… is an extension code required when changing owner domain name owner/registrar.

EPP code is not only used to authenticate the Domain (Domain Name) but also the communication protocol between the Server and the Client related to the Domain.

An EPP code of about 6 – 16 bits is specifically assigned by the domain registrar. The length of the EPP code contains from 8 to 32 characters, contains at least 1 digit – 1 letter and 1 special symbol (such as $, *, %…).

What is EPP?
EPP is an extension code that is required when performing a domain name transfer

4 types of popular EPP codes today

When applying EPP code to manage domain names, there are 4 main types commonly used, including:

  • EPP DNS Records: Generated based on DNS configuration.
  • EPP Contact Mapping: Generated based on contacts.
  • EPP Domain Mapping: Generated based on the domain name.
  • EPP Host Mapping: Generated based on the server.

=> All information, relationships, state and properties between these objects are manipulated mainly based on 3 groups of commands: Query – Change – Manage.

How does EPP code protect Domain?

We have learned about what an EPP code is above, if you want to know how the EPP code protects the Domain, you need to determine the following 3 factors:

  • Detection – The ability to detect.
  • Remediation – The ability to remediate.
  • Attack Prevention – The ability to stop hackers.

=> Through these 3 factors, you need to check the Endpoint solutions you are using to determine if they are still suitable when implementing EPP. Next, we will proceed to “dig deep: more:

Apply threat detection and remediation technologies

EPP includes a wide range of threat detection and remediation technologies that you can integrate into your platform such as: Rollback Remediation, Credential Theft Monitoring, and Credential Theft Monitoring. authentication), Threat Vector Blocking, Web Browser Security, Anti-malware Signature Scanning, Anti-malware Signature Scanning…

In which, there are 2 special technologies you should prioritize:

  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response): The system detects – responds to threats at the endpoint.
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention): Prevention of data loss.
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How DLP (Data Loss Prevention) works on website

Real-time threat intelligence authentication

A good EPP code must contain data and continuously update information about threats on a global scale to promptly detect and prevent hackers.

Framework integration capable of sharing information between products is secure and includes all 3rd party products.

Centralized management capabilities

Integrating too many unnecessary Endpoint Protection will sometimes make management more complicated.

This forces the IT team to capture all information on a single screen. At the same time, the interface of the control panel should be minimalistic but still ensure all important content:

  • Displays the current security status.
  • Configure with alerts.
  • The ability to drill down to endpoints.
  • Individual threats.
  • Set KPIs.

The fastest way to get EPP Code

How to get the code What is EPP?? You need to unlock the Domain to get the EPP code, then you can switch the domain of another provider. Doing this is quite simple, you just need to apply the following 2 ways:

Do manual conversion

First, you need to log in to your WordPress Website => search “Domain Setting” => select the Domain you want to do.

Before converting to EPP code, you need to disable Domain Locking. Then the system will send EPP code to the email you used to register.

Once you receive the complete information, you only need to enter the new EPP code to be able to convert to the new domain name.

Ask your old Domain provider to support the conversion

If the above doesn’t work, call your old domain provider directly and ask them to do the conversion.

Notes to know when getting EPP code

Required domain name registered for more than 60 days

To be able to convert to EPP code, the domain name must be registered after 60 days. If the Domain expires, it cannot be transferred, but this also depends on the policy of each provider.

The domain name must be unlocked

EPP is sometimes called Auth-Info Code or Auth Code. To avoid other cumbersome procedures, you should do it as soon as possible.

Turn off the feature of hiding domain information

When switching domain registrars there is a step called owner validation. If you have not turned off the function of hiding information, it is not possible to authenticate. Please whois the domain name, make sure the admin email address is correct. Note that some domain name registrars in Vietnam hide domain name information by default. You need to ask them to turn it off before it can be transferred

Use intermediate Name Server when converting

The use of an intermediate Name Server will ensure not to interrupt access to the website. Prodima encourages you to use CloudFlare’s free service, which offers very good quality.

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The intermediary Name Server helps to access the website without interruption

Remove privacy on domain registration information

To avoid causing problems when sending an authorization code to your email.


Hopefully through the detailed sharing of Prodima Vietnam, it has helped you better understand about What is EPP? as well as how to get the EPP code to convert the domain quickly.

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