What is Designer? What block do you study graphic design for?

#first. What is Designer?

How to pronounce designer:

In the English sense Thiết kế is Design.

Then Designer means designer, aka designer.

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In a simple way, a Designer is a person who does design work. The design work is usually divided into 4 main branches:

  • Graphic Designer: Graphic designers.
  • Interior Designer: People who work on interior space design.
  • Fashion Designer: Fashion designers.
  • Industrial Designer: Industrial designers.

If we dig a little deeper, “Design” is derived from the Latin word: Designare – meaning great drawing and idea. So, exactly, the design profession is a combination of these two things.


#2. Importance of Designer?

It can be said that the design profession is very hot in the past few centuries, especially in recent years. This is a profession that marks the development of everything, from technology to brands, products…

If you are “scheming” to develop a brand for a product, service… for an individual, company or business… the first person that you should think of will be the Designer!

You can see in industries such as advertising, PR, media, showbiz, fashion… everywhere need images to convey messages to the audience/customers in a creative and colorful way.

And this is the job of the Designer: Creating content through photos, drawings, designs…

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A book full of text is rarely taken the time to read, but an impressive picture, just a glance, sometimes makes a strong impression and remembers the short and concise sentences attached to it!

#3. Designer’s income level?

As a hot profession, the income level is also in the form of terrible.

But of course, still have to mention the saying: VISION makes MONEY, when RIGHT comes, MONEY will come.

So, if you do this job well, create well, you will definitely “live well” with the profession. There will be no shortage of work for you to do!

If you have orders from photo editing, color design for brand identity, thinking for the name of the work and drawing illustrations… then it’s normal for tens of millions of dollars a month.

Even just a cover image (thumbnail image) of a video clip for a singer will already get you huge pay.

Have you heard the story of the corner of the Xiaomi logo by a Japanese designer with a price tag of 7 billion VND:) If not, try reading it out 😀

#4. How to become a Designer?

You can choose to take design courses, use websites or photo editing apps.

Besides, a software suite that any designer knows and needs is Adobe’s software suite – a specialized software suite for designers.

It is not difficult for you to find professional courses or quality self-study websites. Google has a lot, but you need to be selective to avoid losing money if you intend to buy paid courses.

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My advice is that you can go to facebook and join groups about designers to get advice from you guys first.

App designed for beginners or novices, Canva is a perfect choice. Logo design, you can consider Designevo!

In addition to passion and enthusiasm, if you want to be a designer, you need to have creativity, good imagination, perfectionism and patience. Those are the most important elements of the Designer profession.

#5. What block do you study graphic design for?

As you know, blocks like blocks H and block DRAW are blocks reserved for art people. So, the blocks that you can choose to pursue a career as a Designer are:

+) DRAWING block

  • Grade V00: Math, Physics, Art Drawing
  • Block V01: Math, Literature, Fine Art
  • Grade V02: Math, English, Art Drawing
  • Block V03: Math, Chemistry, Art Drawing.
  • Block V04: Literature, Physics, Fine Art
  • Block V05: Literature, Physics, Fine Art
  • Grade V06: Math, Geography, Art Drawing
  • Grade V07: Math, German, Art Drawing
  • Grade V08: Math, Russian, Art Drawing
  • Grade V09: Math, Japanese, Art drawing
  • Grade V10: Math, French, Art Drawing
  • Grade V11: Math, Chinese, Fine Art

+) Block Family

  • Grade H00: Literature, Art talent 1, Art drawing skill 2
  • Grade H01: Math, Literature, Fine Art
  • Block H02: Math, Fine art drawing, Color decoration
  • Grade H03: Math, Science, Gifted Drawing
  • Grade H04: Math, English, Gifted Drawing
  • Block H05: Literature, Social Sciences, Gifted Drawing
  • Block H06: Literature, English, Fine art drawing
  • Grade H07: Math, Graphics, Decoration

Although Block H and Block V make up the majority, there are still some faculties of some schools (colleges, universities) that do not consider gifted subjects such as:

  • Block A00: Math, Physics, Chemistry
  • Grade A17: Math, Physics, Social Science
  • Block C04: Math, Literature, Geography
  • Block D01: Math, Literature, English
  • Grade D10: Math, English, Geography
  • Block D15: Literature, English, Geography

Here are some tips about the designer profession. Hope you have had a more specific view of this profession.

If you have a bit of aesthetic aptitude as well as dexterity and like creativity, you can try this profession.

At first you need a lot of practice. You can also go to some freelance websites like Fiverr to find design jobs to quickly submit. Wish you success with this hot career 😀

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