What is Chromium? What’s the difference between Chromium and Google Chrome?

What is Chromium? What is Chrome? Chrome is a famous web browser developed by Google and Chromium is a little-known open source web browser. In fact, Chrome uses the same source code as Chromium, only the additional features and Google add.

Chromium is a web browser, also an open source web browser (open-source) developed and maintained by the Chromium project. The purpose of the Chromium project is to provide the source code for Google’s Chrome web browser. Since it is open source, anyone can download and modify the source code to create a web browser of their choice.

Popular web browsers created on Chromium source code include: Google Chrome, Opera, Coc Coc…

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. With Chrome, you can only download and use it, but you can’t use Chrome’s source code to build your own web browser like Chromium.

Chrome is developed on Chromium source code, which means that Google developers have taken the Chromium source code to develop Chrome and added some unique features such as: automatic updates, tracking browsing data, support Flash.

Biggest difference between Chromium and Chrome?

Chromium vs Chrome
Chromium vs Chrome

Chrome uses the same source code as Chromium, only the additional features and Google add.

  • Chromium is updated more often than Chrome
  • Chrome updates automatically and Chromium has to update manually
  • Chrome tracks your browsing information, but Chromium doesn’t
  • By default on Chrome you can only download extensions from Google’s store, if you want to install add-ons from outside, you must enable developer mode and Chromium can install add-ons from outside by default.
  • Chrome supports Adobe Flash and Chromium does not, you will have a lot of headaches to use Flash on Chromium
  • Chrome integrates multimedia codecs such as AAC, H.264 and MP3; Chromium does not. Without these codecs, multimedia players will not be able to run, so if you want to stream videos on sites like Netflix and YouTube (on Chromium), you must install these codecs manually or use Chrome
  • Both Chromium is Chrome to have Sanbox mode, but by default Chromium disables sandboxing in some cases

Who should use Chrome and who should use Chromium?

If you want to download a web browser and use it immediately, then Chrome will be a better choice for you, especially if you use Windows or macOS. Chrome is easy to download and install, does not require high configuration, you can easily watch movies, listen to music, view Flash pages without having to do anything else.

If you don’t want to be tracked by Google or you are using some version of Linux, use Chromium

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