You often see documents, books, and stories online shared as PDF files. So what is a PDF file? How to read PDF files?

PDF (Portable Docunment Format) is a text format introduced by Adobe in 1990. Adobe created PDF to overcome the limitations of current text formats.

PDF format readable on any device, easy to share, commonly used for online document sharing and e-book publishing.

How to read PDF files on computer & phone?

On the computer

→ Use a web browser

On a computer, to read a PDF file is very simple, you just need to open a new tab on the web browser and then drag and drop the PDF file into this new tab.

Read PDF files quickly on your computer using a web browser

The disadvantage of web browsers when reading PDF files is that they only have basic functions such as: read, enlarge, reduce, rotate and print.

However, on the latest Microsoft Edge web browser, Microsoft has integrated a PDF file editor such as adding notes, highlighting, reading, Cortana integration, …

→ Use specialized PDF file reader software

If you need features such as adding notes, highlighting, attaching files, creating forms, creating passwords, you must use specialized PDF reader software. Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader are the 2 best PDF reader software available today.

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Read PDF files with Foxit Reader software

On the phone

On mobile devices (Android and iOS) there are PDF reader applications available. However, these PDF reader applications only help to read PDF files at a basic level such as: read, create notes, zoom in – zoom out, create signatures.

Read PDF files with the available mobile application

If you want to edit, merge, convert, scan-capture, etc. PDF files, you need to download a dedicated PDF reader application. Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader are also the best PDF reader applications on mobile devices (supports both Android and iOS)

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