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The 125-degree Wave that I am about to introduce to all of you can really make you overwhelmed with its uniqueness. When it is boldly changed from appearance to engine with powerful and superior upgrades!

Wave 125 has a unique hand taper, have you seen it?

Wave 125 degrees So unique, have you seen it yet?

​With a radically improved engine block, the current acceleration of the Wave 125 degrees will definitely become superior. So the car will not be able to avoid the steering wheel wobble when operating at high speed ranges. That is the reason for the appearance of the ancient power plant Ohlins, which ensures the safety of the owner and is responsible for ‘holding tight’ the steering wheel to eliminate the phenomenon of floor shaking.

​The position of the brake shackles is also strongly upgraded with the shackles Brembo RCS Exquisite, capable of controlling the brakes smoothly when correctly aligned. The oil of this brake shackle will be stored in a transparent oil tank, meticulously decorated with a lid Daytona.

The engine of the car Wave 125 degrees now there have been a lot of significant changes, one of which is switching from an automatic clutch to a manual clutch. So the owner of the car Wave 125 degrees just had to add the shackles Domino TWM to perform the clutch shifting process. In the corner of this photo, you will also see a fiber-wrapped crown Carbon shiny and beautiful.

A very prominent highlight on the front legs is the pig Brembo Ticket 2 sand yellow pistons. Being ‘background’ by the sturdy, mysterious black disk, it also contributes significantly to providing effective deceleration.

Legs Wave 125 degrees It is also adorned with a set of colorful rainbow-colored spokes, combined with aluminum braces DiD Professional Rim fancy. When looking at the overall car Wave 125 degrees, really the leg is the most attractive and eye-catching position!

​The original fork has now been replaced by a fork veteran, which is superior to the zin fork in that it can easily adjust the load and the fast / slow recovery of the fork. Allows the fork pair to adapt to different usage environments.

​From the structure of 2 intake and exhaust valves of the original engine, the owner of the vehicle Wave 125 degrees upgraded it with a 4-valve bullhead set. To accommodate this new set of bullheads, it is possible that the engine capacity has also been increased, in order to enhance performance and optimize loading.
Other photo angles of the 125-degree Wave…

Credit : Surachai Sairueng


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