Vultr is a cheap and most popular VPS service in Vietnam today. The popularity of Vultr is due to the quality that comes with the price as well as the global brand name.

Especially the VPS service here can install Windows. The price remains the same as the Linux packages. Many of you consider this to be the most economical way today when it comes to renting VPS to install Windows.

Today’s article shares with Vultr or Vultr Coupon discount code to help new customers save even more on VPS rental costs here.

In general, with coupons like this, new customers here don’t have to hesitate to sign up.

The package I am using is the 5$ location package in Japan. I don’t know how you feel, but I’m satisfied. The price is cheap compared to the common ground as well as website income. Good speed and uptime so far is also good. All in all, nothing to complain about.

Without further ado, here are Vultr’s coupons:

Tặng 100$ Free Credit

The Free Credit donation program, which was launched by Vultr a long time ago, then stopped. Now the $100 Credit program is back.

You can verify your account with Visa/Master card or PayPal account. You just need to note that this $100 has a 30-day usage limit.

This program is for new customers only. Just click the link below and register and you have 100$.

In addition, you can earn an extra $ 3 when connecting to a Twitter account as I instruct in the article to create VPS Vultr.

Free $50 to try all services

Usually the program offers $100 or limited time. Your best bet is to sign up for this program.

Just like the above program, the extra $50 will expire in 30 days. In general, the programs only give you a chance to judge how good Vultr is.

The main purpose is that, not being able to use free VPS as long as possible. Of course you should connect with Twitter account to earn extra 3$.

Free 5$ trial

Vultr still has a program to give away $ 5 for free when registering an account. You should choose this option if both of the above programs are not available.

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