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If you’ve ever driven through a big city during rush hour, you’ll know how opportunistic, ruthless and downright rude motorists can be – and that’s exactly why Volvo is going to disguise its first driverless cars. SThe Swedish carmaker’s senior technical manager, Erik Coelingh, has revealed that the first 100 self-driving cars rolled out in London will not be marked – to hide them from human drivers.

“From the outside, you won’t see that this is a self-driving car. From a purely scientific point of view, it would be interesting to have cars that are marked as self-driving cars and others that are not, and see if other road users react differently,” said Coelingh. the Observer.

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“I would expect them to, but I don’t know how and to what extent. So, just to be sure, these will all be unmarked cars. I’m sure people will challenge them if they’re marked by really hard braking in front of a self-driving car or getting in the way,” he added.

Volvo’s decision to hide its self-driving cars follows a report from the London School of Economics that roughly confirms its thinking. Conducted among 12,000 drivers in 11 countries, the study attempted to uncover the attitudes and behavior of human drivers towards driverless cars.

As expected, the results showed that human drivers would seek to exploit or manipulate driverless cars because they would be easier to “assault”. A driver interviewed for the survey said: “I will overtake all the time because they will follow the rules. While another added “They are going to stop. So you’re going to attack them right away. They’ll stop and you’ll just stomp.

A difficult period of transition

One of the biggest issues in our self-sustaining future is how long it will take to get there. All self-driving traffic will most likely be safer than all-human traffic, but travel between then and now could see our roads become even more dangerous than they already are. By mixing autonomous technology with human drivers, automakers could encourage more dangerous driving.

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