V Rising: Farm and craft cloth

V Rising Farm and craft cloth

In the coop vampire ARPG V Rising you will need cloth at some point. At the beginning of the game you only need the resource for cloaks, later for more. We’ll tell you where to find fabric and how to make it!

For this you need material: Cloth is mostly needed in V Rising in the mid-game once you can craft higher tiers of gear. Cloth also becomes important early in the game when you want to craft a protective cloak.

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You can find stuff here

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Finding specific material is not that easy. At least not in the starting area. Here you will find cloth, especially in small amounts in bandit camps, for example in boxes that can be destroyed or chests that you loot. You will also only need a small amount of fabric at first as the cloak only requires 2 of them.

Later in the game you will need cloth more often, but you can farm it more purposefully. In the Dunley Farmlands, further north on the map, you will mainly find larger farms that also offer you material. Here, too, you will find what you are looking for in crates and chests.

This is how you make cloth

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In order to produce cloth yourself, you must first go hunting. Follow Beatrice the Tailor’s blood trail, you will find her in Dunley Farmlands on one of the farms. Once you have defeated the old lady, you will receive the recipe for the loom and can use it to produce fabric.


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V Rising Farm and craft cloth

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