Encouraging  users  to stay and  use  a  website  does not  always involve code or graphics. Some simple layout  like  Reddit.com  still makes  users  like  fun with  content  and happy to interact with the page  website .

The formula  lies in  the user experience   and the site  ‘s  feature review  . Interaction stems from page elements and action flows from one page to another.

 Today’s article will look at some  UX design techniques  , which can be  applied  to improve  user testing  and increase their  level of  interaction. Note  that these things are  not  always  applicable  to every  website , and it  is necessary  to understand  why  these techniques work, so you can  use them according  to  your own instructions .

 User experience  topic  is huge and requires patience to be fully understood  . The more you practice, the more you will understand it.

The best thing you can do is consult the  website  you  like  and find out what you  like . From your own experience, you can deduce consistent ideas and find out what helps you (and perhaps others) interact with a  website .

1. D Brøndby teammates  contrast to  entice  the  attention

Each  website  is  set up  with very few elements, created for user interaction: Hyperlinks, buttons, input fields, sidebar utilities, lists, etc. But  not  all  factors should be created  as  each other. Some elements are obviously   more necessary for visitor interaction, and must be  designed  with higher contrast to stand out from other elements on the page.


This idea  comes  from high color contrast and   intuitive tips for handling visual data in models. When something stands out from the surroundings, whether by color, size, shape or space, it can become more  necessary  based on context.

Please  use  the contrast to  lure  the  attention  of visitors for most elements on the page. If  your goal  is to create more subscriptions, your subscription box  should have  a light Subscribe  button  or a single vector icon.

Subscribe button

the purpose  is  to attract  the  attention  of  instruction  set  interface attractive  pull  for visitors, so that they perform a number of actions  desired .

If you have time, you should run a few typical A / B tests to see which colors / elements have the best role. Statistics are difficult to identify, but you’ll be surprised to learn that you can learn a lot from a   simple split review .

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2. Animation UI / UX steamed  drag

Recently there is a post titled “What Disney knows about interface animation”. It includes the necessarypoints   of animation and its role in user psychology  , when interacting with a flat 2D screen.

Different types of animations may imply certain behaviors. For example, when hovering over a button, it will  feedback  to the  user  that it can click. Error messages often flashing to  attract  the  attention  of  users .

Remember that UX animation needs to be displayed very subtly. Animations are often superior to TV and movies,  not  interfaces.

But that does not mean that your interface remains the same. In fact, most  users  want  some kind of animation because it  gives the  illusion of a   smoother experience .  Digital design is part of creating a magic interface, but the more realistic it appears, the more  users  will want to  interact.

3. The  responsive design is a requirement

In fact, there are a  majority of   Internet users browsing the  web  from their  mobile phones  . The  link  is  shared  with the site  MXH  like  Facebook  and Twitter are often accessed on the  phone  smart devices and tablets.

This means that every  website  must be  optimized  for mobile devices in  a  certain way – preferably with a   fully responsive design .

When you are forced to consider the screen size, it places  important functions   in a   completely new trick . As a  design , you need to select the  feature  is  important to  most and they will appear  like  on the smaller screen. This  responsive  design strategy  takes  time to  learn , but  the  best guide is  to research other website pages   and choose the technique you  like .

Responsive design

The truth is  that the  responsive design works and it is approved by the design  community   more and more each year.

Users  also hope that the  website  will  respond to  most of them  to serve any device screen. When a page  web  is not  suitable  for browsing  websites  on  Tel  mobile, it can not  add  to the  experience  users .

4. Simplify the interactive process

Smashing Magazine recently published one of the best posts, to  support  simplifying   interface design . It says no one  wants  to endure challenges to  use  your  website  or  apply  . People only  pay attention  to the final results and the fastest means to get there.

Many people  like  to build  UX block diagrams for each element of the interactive page, whenever they outline the wireframes. These help visualize what the  site  will look  like and how it works .

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But in fact, not  important  you up  plans  based on experience  ntn . Just make sure you are up  plan  to experience  the fastest and easiest possible. When it comes to activities that encourage visitor interaction, you  want  the important things   that the  design  wants to  aim for.

If someone accesses  your  website application  and doesn’t understand  the  registration method right away, that’s a big problem. It clearly tells  users  what your  website  can do and how they can interact with it.

Best place to  start  is  to learn  designing  UX and  tips for  users  to interact with the interface. From there you will be able to draw conclusions regarding your own projects and simplify the interfaces to achieve the greatest potential.

There is no single answer on  how to  design  (or repair) pages  web  to enhance the  user . You can try some things but each  site  will be  a bit  different and the  research  on   UX design is very complicated.

Hopefully  the article  can help you understand more about some techniques  varied  to  set  the interface properties  using  high. The best thing you can do is put yourself in the position of a   typical user and try to identify the main vulnerabilities of the interface. And once you realize the problem, you’ll find an easier solution!

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Encouraging  users  to stay and  use  a  website  does not  always involve code or gr

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