Using equipment to cover and flip automatic license plates will be fined up to 16 million VND » Latest Technology News Update

Not only selling fake number plates, some subjects also claim to be able to make beautiful flip-flops, even blue seas, red seas, seas of different provinces…

The price of making the sea does not depend on the number of beautiful or ugly but depends on the model of the sea. Regular models cost from 800,000 to 1.2 million VND/set.

The set of flippers has a much higher price, ranging from 3.8 to 4.5 million VND/set.

It is worth mentioning that many specialized devices capable of remote control to cover, flip and change number plates are also sold openly on some e-commerce platforms. This device can flip license plates with remote control, with an operating range of 50 m.

A license plate flipper consists of 2 front and rear license plate mounting brackets (including one or both of which are fake license plates). Accompanying that is the wiring to power the rotating motor to operate.

Customers who need only need to text the address, sea number, sea life to the service provider and transfer the deposit in advance. After about 1 week, customers will receive a door-to-door delivery sign, instructions on how to install and transfer the remaining amount

Not only operating individually, many subjects also set up groups to post information about service provision, and at the same time recruit collaborators to sell fake license plates with discounts of 20-30%.

Regarding the above phenomenon, from a legal perspective, Lawyer Le Hong Van – Hanoi Bar Association said that the status of license plates for motorbikes, cars and even fake official license plates is being sold widely on social networks. causing problems in traffic management.

Many vehicle owners have used fake number plates, intentionally masked number plates … to bypass the surveillance camera system to avoid cold fines, even to commit crimes.

Regarding the handling sanctions, depending on the nature and severity of the violation and the damage caused, the person who fakes the license plate may be administratively sanctioned, or prosecuted for penal liability for the crime of forging seals and assets. data of agencies and organizations; Crime of using seals or fake documents of agencies and organizations – Lawyer Hong Van emphasized.

Regarding administrative sanctions, according to Decree 123/2021/ND-CP, acts of trading in equipment to cover and flip number plates with fake number plates will be fined from 10-12 million VND for individuals, 20 -24 million VND for organizations.

Acts of producing equipment to cover and flip number plates together with fake number plates will be fined 30-35 million VND for individuals and 60-70 million VND for organizations.

With the act of using a device to cover and flip the number plate, the competent force will verify on the vehicle in addition to this device, whether the vehicle has a fake number plate attached or not, then will consider the responsibility of the driver and the vehicle owner. .

Accordingly, car drivers will be subject to an administrative fine of 4-6 million dong, if they use a device to cover the number plate or use a device to flip the number plate with a fake number plate or a license plate not issued by a competent authority. ..

In case of using a flip device with a fake number plate, the driver of the vehicle will also have his or her license revoked for 1-3 months and the license plate will be confiscated.

In addition, according to Clause 9, Article 30, Decree 123/2021/CP, violating car owners will be fined 6-8 million VND for individuals and 12-16 million VND for organizations. confiscation of forged license plates and number plate changing devices.


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