Updating the Test Server on May 13, gamers lamented about the case of Lindis

Lien Quan Mobile gamers seem to be dissatisfied with the way Garena treats Lindis when refreshing this champion in a “yes like no” style.

Recently, the Lien Quan Mobile test server has officially announced the champion update with many remarkable details. Without making you wait long, we will immediately come to the most remarkable details.

MCTN update announcement May 13, 2022



– Base health changed from 3751 to 3592

– Skill 2:

Cooldown: 15s/14s/13s/12s/11s/10s => 15s/14.4s/13.8s/13.2s/12.6s/12s

2/ Lorion: [Nerf]


– Lorion will be nerfed by Garena in the next updates. When the ball is outside of his body, Lorion flies to the location where the orb will be immune (instead of not being locked on target).

3/ Lindas: [Remake]


Basic properties:

– Physical Attack: 184 175

– Armor: 140 130

Normal hit:

– 1s cooldown to 0.8s;

– Pause +66ms。

Intrinsic: [Mới]

– Now, for every 3 basic attacks, by default, there will be 1 attack that deals 2 damage (0.65AD*2).

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Skill 1: [Mới]

– Lindis illuminates the area for about 3 seconds and increases movement speed by 20%.

– If a champion is revealed, Lindis will have double movement speed and cooldown reduced by 30 – 50%.

– Skill radius: 12.5m => 15m

– Mana cost 60 – 100

– Cooldown 15 – 12s

Skill 2: [Mới]

– Lindis throws a moon trap and deals magic damage 1.5 seconds after the enemy hits it and reduces the enemy’s movement speed by 30%.

– Slow down 66ms

– Trap radius: 2.9m => 3mLocation: 2m => 3m

– Moon trap firing speed: 20m/s => 25m/s

– Cooldown: 2s => 8 – 6sRange 11m => 10m

– Energy consumption: 40 – 80

Skill 3: [Mới]

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– With this third move, by default, Lindis will dash to the specified location and attack the enemy with the least health (in which the champion will be prioritized) and deal 5 times total damage (100 – 300+0.75AD) but will not deal fatal damage. If the enemy champion is defeated, skill 1 will immediately be released.

– Lindis that deal critical damage will gain 1 stack of marks for 5 seconds, just stacking enough will unlock the ultimate.

– Surfing distance: 4m => 5m

– Cooldown: 10 – 0s

– Energy loss 0


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