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In previous articles, I have instructions for how to create win usb settings or create usb boot UEFI standard very clear, right? But there is a lot you can ask questions and ask yourself instructions on how to make a usb versatile, that is just capable computer Rescue (Rescue contains tools), and both have the ability to install Window ( contains the installer), but must be on the 2 standard boot UEFI and Lagacy body: D. Oh, may sound quite complex and requires really!

Yeah! and to help you meet the requirement, then in this article, I will write a very detailed tutorial for you, and speaking this is how relatively laborious and must dabble much beautiful and personal style are ? However it will have a great advantage that is:

  • The highly customizable, ie you can create a bootable usb your own style, not afraid to use every house your father at all.
  • Selection software, integrated tools to your liking usb.
  • relatively easy manipulation, every sin is to manipulate multiple ?
  • Especially you will find it very interesting to manually customize the usb 1 boot for himself ^ _ ^

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Preparation before implementation?

Okey! before the start of the implementation, you need to prepare a number of tools, software, and other miscellaneous items as follows (the full you must remember this step, oh, a lot of your previous articles on file questions where this take, with the stars you do not see this file, .. do yourself very uncomfortable.)

  1. A USB with a capacity of> 2GB. But if you want to integrate all the best to win again on your 8GB offline.
  2. Download and install the tool RMPrepUSB the computer: Link to download / or links from the homepage
  3. tool to enable Mutilboot Easy2Boot: Link to download or download from the homepage
  4. Ministry Win8PE64 to be able to Mini Windows 8 UEFI mode: Link to download / backup link (this link we load materials whiff WIN_8_PE_64b.iso file, or other files downloaded to spend well: D )
  5. Download App.wim, toolkits for Win8PE64 above: Link to download
  6. Software NotePad ++ for a little while to write Vietnamese in menu accented it easy: Download and install on computers Notepad ++
  7. How did Temporarily lads, additional tools integrated rescue his computer, take the following link.
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How to Create a versatile USB Boot UEFI – Lagacy contain multiple operating systems

+ Step 1: Set up the software RMPrepUSB

After you have installed the software on the computer RMPrepUSB then now let’s start it up> select USB that you want to do.

Next in line volume FreeDOS bootable [KERNEL.SYS] > a new window appears you click on YES to agree.


The purpose of this is for us to access the path . FREEDOS_USB_BOOT and let it automatically copy the files in the USB standard is important in that.

+ Step 2: Copy important files on the USB

  1. Built back in line WinPEv2 / WinPEv3 / Vista / Win7 bootable [BOOTMBR] (CC4)
  2. Built next to FAT32 and Boot as HDD to USB Format FAT32 format, if you just want to create a standard usb for use alone Lagacy can choose NTFS. But in this article we give the two standards should be required to select FAT32 jog.
  3. Next click on Prepare Drive to begin implementation. This process will Format your USB to FAT32, and its Active Set and it will copy the file to your USB FreeDOS.


If the window appears, you click OK or YES to any agreed offline.


Okey! The copying process is completed.


+ Step 3: Install grub4dos

Now you click on Install gru4dos for it to install files gldr in your USB.


A new window appears, press Enter to continue the process.


Next it asks whether you want to copy files into the USB grldr not? Press OK to whip always!


Click on OK!


Note: The software you do not get off RMPrepUSB go offline, for a little while, we have to use a lot more.

+ Step 4: Unzip the file directly into the USB Easy2Boot

Implementation: Right-click the file you just downloaded Easy2Boot> select WinRAR> select Extract files


Next to select your USB and press OK to start the compressor discharge.


+ Step 5: Check your USB Full-file as shown below yet?


Tips: If for any reason without the files on it you do one step further craft that is in the installation directory of the software and access RMPrepUSB the folder FREEDOS_USB_BOOT , copy all the files in this folder on the USB is complete.

+ Step 6: Unzip the file into the USB WIN_8_PE_64.ISO

This step you unzip the file WIN_8_PE_64.ISO you right into the USB
download. You can use the software UltraISO or WinRAR to extract offline.

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Next, create a folder named Apps in USB> then copy the file Apps.wim into this folder.


+ Step 7: Integrating the Windows version you want.

Note before implementation: Leave immediately, no signs, no special characters and spaces. You should put a simple name like this example: win832bit.iso, win864bit.iso …

=> You open the folder _ISO in the USB> into the folder WINDOWS . And here you can copy the Windows installation files to the corresponding folders.

For example, here I will copy the file Win1064bit WIN10 to the folder containing the Windows 10. You do absolutely similar to other Windows files.


Important: Copy files one by one, after each finished first copy the file, you change the interface of the software RMPrepUSB and press organizations key combination Ctrl + F2 for program implementation as well as the configuration of offline boot code. Do not take this step as throw it!

, for example, he had just finished copying files Windows 10 then, now press Ctrl + F2, will now appear first notification dialogs start config. You click Yes to agree.


1 notification will appear as OK – ALL FILE ON DRIVE K: ARE Contiguous means you’ve successfully config!


+ Step 8. Integrate the tools, software that runs on the DOS

=> You open the folder _ISO > on the next mainmenu and copy the software and tools that you want to integrate into this.

Tips: Easy2boot supports multiple formats to run on DOS ( *. ISO, * .IMG, * .GZ, * .IMA, * .wim, *. BIN, …). Means that the file format above, you can copy it to the MainMenu to be integrated.

Note: Copy files one by one, and each one finished copy files, they must press Ctrl + F2 as directed in step 7 to software config offline .

Many of you are wondering is taking the tools and where this software. Rest assured, I was careful that ? You go to this article to select the software you want to use to download offline. In the link to download the software many stands before uploading, if you do not understand, you can comment below, I will reply soon. Eg ati16 stands tool Acronis True Image 2016 for me … ..

+ Step 9: Create List menu in DOS by Vietnamese

You follow the path to the folder to perform: _ISO / mainmenu . This folder contains tools DOS background that we just copied to in step 8. For it can display the menu list, you add one more step to do that is to put a title for it.

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For example, I just copied 2 engine ati16.iso and kav_rescue_10.iso , now to create the title we do the following:

Implementation: You open Notepad ++ software and choose to Encryption > select the type UTF-8 Encoding to display properly accented Vietnamese.

Content: title Acronis True Image 2016 (Backup & Recovery)
You totally do the same with the other title.


Each 1 software or tools, we have to create one separate header file, as shown below.


+ Step 10: Creating regional wallpapers Menu

Choose a photo that you like with size 800 x 600 and the format is *. Bmp offline. Then the image is named Mybackground.BMP and placed in the folder _ISO .

The majority of today’s beautiful images are formatted as * .jpg or * .png, you switch to * .bmp format easy is easy, if you have not learned how to read the article write it this.

Tips: In addition, if you want to dabble and Vietnam Chemical may be accessing the file as: _ISO e2b grub ENG STRINGS.txt and _ISO e2b grub (open file menu.lst)

+ Step 11: Test try playing

When you boot into the standard computer Lagacy will appear full list the software, tools that you have added. And if you want to install Win, you go to Windows install menu to select the setting you want.


As for standards, the computer will boot UEFI straight into Win8PE and will skip the menu as shown on the list so you needless questions do offline. Field tests directly on your computer and dental …

If you want to install Windows on a computer as a standard UEFI boot performance, you can refer to the article: Installation guide Win 08/07/10 in WinPE environment (Mini Windows)



Above is the whole process to create bootable usb multifunction both likely to salvage computer likely contains both the Windows Installer and over again is that it works well on 2 standards both UEFI and Lagacy. If you love to dabble and wanted to create a tool for their own rescue, then perhaps this is the article you are looking for. It may look long, but very easy to do it.

Hopefully the article will be useful to you, to wish you success!

Kien Nguyen –

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