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Yes, on the blog, I have shared with you a lot of tools to create USB BOOT extremely professionally. And how to do it is too simple, even with just one click is done immediately.

However, during the implementation process, some of you have encountered errors and have asked you to show how to fix them.

Honestly, my posts are usually quite detailed and meticulous, and to write instructions on how to fix each specific error is a bit difficult for me, because not all errors I can fix and even there are mistakes you describe that you have never met, and what I have to say, I have mentioned them all in the article.

Therefore, in this article I will share with you the most common way to Fix almost all errors related to the process of creating your USB BOOT.

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#first. Some common errors during creating USB BOOT

  • Error of not displaying USB during USB BOOT creation (this error usually occurs when you use the USB boot creation tool 1 click, when you are leaving the USB format as GPT).
  • Or an error Write file failed! Access is denied – means that the copy process has failed and is denied.
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Usually if you encounter these errors, I will first ask you to check if the USB still works or not first.

If still working normally, you can apply one of the following 2 ways to Fix errors. In addition to the above, if there are any other errors related to creating a USB BOOT, you can still follow it.

Note: This method is actually reformatting the USB to the right format, so all data in USB will be lost. So if you have any important data in your USB flash drive, please copy it somewhere.

#2. Fix not create USB BOOT with Partition Wizarrd

+ Step 1: First, open the Partiton Winzard software. We will have the partition management interface as shown below.

usb-boot-repair-usb-boot (1)

+ Step 2: Then, right-click on the USB partition => select Delete.

usb-boot-repair-usb-boot (2)

+ Step 3: You press Apply to apply changes.

usb-boot-repair-usb-boot (3)

+ Step 4: Now you need to recreate the partition for your USB by right clicking => and selecting Create.

repair-usb-boot-usb-boot (4)

And you continue setting as shown below:

  • Partition Label: Name your hard drive partition.
  • Create As: Set as Primary.
  • File System: You to be NTFS

=> Then press OK to agree to set up.

usb-boot-repair-usb-boot (5)

+ Step 5: Now to complete the process of creating a partition for the USB, click the button Apply to apply changes.

repair-usb-boot-usb-boot (6)

Oh, by the way, many of you have asked yourself how Convert USB from GPT format to MBR or vice versa. And I have answered many times already …

However, due to the convenience of opening this Partition Winzard software, I also share an image for you to easily visualize.

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It is no different than converting a format to a hard drive HDD or SSD. Right-click on the USB Disk => select Convert ... Disk to ... Disk it's done

repair-usb-boot-usb-boot (8)

# 3. Fix USB BOOT creation error with the command in CMD

In fact, this is also the way to reformat the USB to the right format, only that instead of using partition management software, we will do it via the command line. To do so, you do the following:

+ Step 1: Open CMD window with administrator privileges.

+ Step 2: You enter the following commands in turn CMD => window after each command, then press Enter guys

Note: You can copy the command for fast, to Paste in the CMD window, you just need to right-click on the CMD window is.

diskpart // (1)
list disk // (2)
select disk xxx // (3)
clean // (4)
create partition primary // (5)
active // ​​(6)
format FS = NTFS label = usb quick // (7)

Explain further to those who want to understand each command in detail:

  1. This is a command that allows you to manage partitions, storage devices on a PC …
  2. This command will list the hard drives, partitions, or external storage devices … connected to the computer.
  3. Choosing the hard drive to manipulate, this step is extremely important, wrong choice is to lose that data. You specify the exact device you want to operate through the Size column. So his will be select disk 2
  4. This command is as the name implies.
  5. Rebuild the partition for USB with the type Primary (primary partition).
  6. Activation command for partition.
  7. This command will Format USB with NTFS format, and USB name after Format is usb. You can rename it later.
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usb-boot-repair-usb-boot (7)

# 4. Epilogue

Yes, I have just guided you How to fix the error can not create USB BOOT by reformatting the USB already.

In addition to the above errors, if you encounter any other errors that apply this method successfully, do not forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this article for you to know.

Hope the article will be helpful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen –

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