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A new rumor claims that Crash 4: About time developer Toys for Bob could be working on a new entry in the series.

Despite reports last year that Toys for Bob had shifted gears to aid in the development of Call of Duty: Warzonea new claim suggests that the developer is working on a Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game (thanks, GAMINGbible).

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The claim comes from industry insider Jez Corden, speaking on the Xbox Chaturdays podcast. And an announcement could be coming during one of the upcoming showcases. Rand al Thor 19, discussing potential games that could appear, said “I think Toys for Bob will appear with a new Crash game. »

In turn, Corden responded to this claim by saying, “Crash again? I wonder where he got that information. […] I wasn’t supposed to divulge that. […] I think we might see another Crash Bandicoot. It won’t just be a new Crash Bandicoot, it’ll be a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot. […] It’s almost like a four player brawler but Crash. »

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It is important to note that this is only a rumor, so nothing will come of it. However, VGC reported last year that Toys for Bob was hiring for a non-Call of Duty project, so it’s entirely possible.

Crash 4 launched in late 2020, but our review wasn’t entirely sold on the sequel, praising the graphics, art direction, and enemy design, but left wanting more of the level design. of the game. Perhaps a multiplayer take would offer a new twist on traditional platforming.

With Toys for Bob having moved to work on Call of Duty, it was presumed to be that for Crash and co, so this rumor is raising hopes for fans of the bandicoot. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard probably has nothing to do with it if it exists, although it would fit in with the former’s desire to bring back some classic titles. Even though Crash hasn’t really been gone that long.

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