With the development of the internet as well as technology integration to the current 5.0 level, the young generation of Gen Z will have many conditions to study, search for documents, tinker with new and useful things through information. over the internet.

So that you can easily choose useful websites in the learning process. In today’s post, Phong Vu will suggest Top useful websites for Gen Z to be creative and learn new things!

Useful websites for Gen Z in creativity

1. Website to help design simple images/banners

Some of you want to access image editing and design tools but do not have much knowledge about professional photo editing software such as Photoshop, AI or do not have the conditions to have computers. strong. Choosing a simple photo editing website is extremely necessary, two useful websites make it easy for Gen Z to create simple images without professional software.

1. Canva

Free image editing website

The first website on the list is definitely Canva, a leading photo editing and design website that is used by many users, from students to office workers. On Canva you can design images, short clips, presentations, CVs, posters, and more.

Although it has the form of an Image, the design operations on the software and the graphics are eye-catching and anyone can use Canva, this is a useful website to help Gen Z create easily. Simple drag and drop operations, besides a huge resource with more than 250,000 images, fonts, template designs.

Canva comes in two versions, a free version and a paid version. In the paid version, users will be able to use more advanced features.

2. FotoJet

FotoJet designs and edits photos online for free

The facilities of the FotoJet site will help users to edit photos online, edit images or create collages easily. How to use is extremely easy, we perform the following steps:

Step 1: Choose Sign Up to create a new account. In case, you do not have an account, choose Facebook or Google to create an account quickly.

Simple account creation

Step 2: The system provides many photo collage themes => choose theme => Click the box Allwill see many different frames appear.

Step 3: How many photo frames you choose, how many pictures will be taken, click Add Photo to select an image from the gallery.

We can choose from many different jigsaw themes, as well as each jigsaw pattern in each theme that the FotoJet service provides. In addition, you can register an account on FotoJet to use many other useful features.

2. Website allows to download all photos on any fanpage, instagram

In the process of using social networks, you will want to download albums or certain images to your device but do not want to repeat the download operation many times. With this feature, you will easily download images with just 1 simple click.

Step 1: Download the utility now DownAlbum bring the Chrome browser to your computer => select add to Chrome

Select the add to chrome button

Step 2: Select any album on Facebook or any instagram. Click the DownAlbum utility icon in the address bar and click Normal.

Step 3: Next, the screen will display the total number of photos in the album you want to download, press Output to open the photo interface.

Step 4: Press Ctrl + WILL to download all the images in that album to your computer. Display computer folder to save photo albums with Facebook account name and album name. Select the folder to save the file to download and press Save. If the album has many photos, then the download process is relatively long.

The image is downloaded in a zip file format, so we extract it to get our photo album. With this option, users do not need to download each image to the computer, saving a lot of time.

3. Useful website to help Gen Z manage many social networks

1. Buffer

Convenient management of social networking sites

Gen Z people today will often use many social networks at the same time. access to multiple sources of information. Therefore, an application that suits your needs is extremely necessary, Buffer.com is a website to help you manage your time posting on social networks.

Buffer is a social automation tool that helps you to share and schedule posts on multiple social networks at once like Facebook Profiles, Fanpages, Twitter Profiles, Google+ Pages and LinkedIn in the easiest way.

With the new automatic social sharing and scheduling feature, it already has over a million users. Its immense popularity led us to write a review and share its potential powers with you.

2. Hootsuite

Website Hootsuite is one of the social media management tools, allowing users to monitor and post content on all social networks from the control page. Currently, the website is still chosen by many users due to its convenience, features, and stable price.

Besides the feature of managing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Youtube accounts. Hootsuite also integrates visual analytics, group management, post approval process, and other social media tools. And yet, the ability to provide real-time analytics tools will help you quickly detect new trends to come up with more appropriate marketing strategies.

4. Website helps Gen Z easily update new trends on social

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a website that provides a feature to search for the most shared content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … according to fixed timelines, whereby, you can update the trends. Latest trends going on all over the world.

The site will have two free and paid versions. For each account you sign up for on Buzzsumo, before you decide whether to go for the premium version, you’ll get 14 days of completely free experience. With time Perhaps that time is more than enough for you to make a final decision.

Buzzsumo has 3 main parts: Content Research, Influencers and Monitoring, the displayed content can be Articles, Infographics, Videos … support for users to easily search. Example: Enter the keyword “seo marketing tips” and filter/filter within the past 6 months, the software will return results sorted by Total Shares as shown in the illustration.

5. Website helps create and edit online videos conveniently

WeVideo will be a useful tool to help users unleash their creativity and multi-function, including features such as video editing, graphics, creating green screen effects, playing screens, dubbing, special video effects special, adjust video playback speed, add titles and many more options, for example:

In addition to the WeVideo PC version installed on the Windows Store, you can use the WeVideo Online version directly on the web platform, or the WeVideo mobile version.

Gen Z students immediately save quality websites to use in the learning process to unleash their creativity. Don’t forget to follow the website Phong Vu Technology to refer to more useful tips and software.

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