Top 5 most popular mother/wife in Japan.

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On the 2nd Sunday of May, which is Mother’s Day, Japanese e-bookstore BookLive announced the results of ranking the most loved mothers.

Sazae-san is a series revolving around the life of the grandmother of the same name, living in a large family for many generations. Troubles and trifles always happen in a family of many generations, the film also tells about Sazae’s life as a wife and mother. The series broadcast on Fuji TV has over 2,500 episodes and contains over 7,500 stories.

The film is the spiritual food of Japanese families because it closely reflects their lives. Although it has been released for a long time, but Fune Isono will still be a mother who leaves a deep impression and is most loved in the land of the rising sun.


Moriyama Mikuri is a 25-year-old woman who, despite having a university degree, is still unemployed, and she herself feels useless every day. Because of seeing his poor daughter like that, her father arranged for her a job as a housekeeper.

Her owner, Tsuzaki Hiramasa, is a single 35-year-old man who works for an IT company. Because of some trouble, both of them have to pretend to be married to each other. This manga also won the best shoujo manga award at the 39th annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2015…


Pencil Shin is a manga revolving around the life of the Nohara family, where Nohara Misae is both a mother and a wife, a housewife who has to take care of a small family of 2 children and a father. . Interesting stories are constantly happening around the small family and the people around them. Housewife Nohara had many headaches because of the naughty boy Shinosuke.


In a fierce battle, she seemed to have sacrificed herself there, but when she heard the cries of two children, she used the last bit of strength to bring the two children back to the village. It is because of her strong personality and stubborn streak that everyone worries that she will not be able to become a mother. But the reality proved to the contrary, when her small house never ceased to laugh, she fulfilled the role of a parent for her children.

And when the Arlong Pirates came to ask for the Body Tax, she would have escaped if she was alone, but she acknowledged the existence of Nami and Nojiko as her biological children, despite knowing that she had pushed her. himself on the road to death.


Spy x Family is a movie that stormed all fronts, so it’s not surprising that Yor Forger is on this list. This assassin with the nickname “Rose of Thorns” is both beautiful and talented, loves to do housework, loves her husband and children, and cares for her family. Who wouldn’t want a wife like that, right?



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