Top 5 generals ‘breaking the island’ from rank to season 22

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Not only strong and scary at rank, these generals are the ‘obsession’ of many opponents in the big tournaments of Mobile Alliance season 22.

#1 – Florentino

In a professional match, Florentino’s role is greatly reduced when compared to ranked. Creating 3-4 weight phases at the tournament is quite difficult, but when picked, this champion still brings excitement to the audience.

Lien Quan Mobile Top 5 generals 'breaking the island' from rank to season 22_1

In the tournament, Florentino’s main build is Semi Tank. On the contrary, he will be a super power in the Ta Than lane, even the Forest in rank. Currently, countering this champion is not difficult because he has been nerfed a lot as well as the emergence of many other champions.

Florentino’s weakness is the long time to push the turret, so when in the same lane, gamers do not need to worry about lane reversal to support teammates. Notably, Florentino will be extremely harmless if he encounters champions with high hard control ability or a squad with many slow effects, then he will have difficulty in gliding and easily shocked. dame on the counting board.

#2 – Krixi

Krixi’s ‘prestige’ in both rankings and tournaments is extremely great, she is the force carrying the extremely quality mid lane team this season. Although laning Mage cards suffered a lot in terms of gold in the 5v5 FUN version, Krixi’s power was generally very stable.

In addition, the appearance of the Palace also indirectly affects the Magic generals because it helps AD save 1 item slot. Accordingly, Gunners can target magic or armor resistant equipment while still ensuring attack speed and armor penetration. So Krixi or the Mage generals can aim for strong armor piercing items to counter when the opponent has a lot of armor.

Lien Quan Mobile Top 5 generals 'breaking the island' from rank to season 22_2

Krixi’s main movement direction is mainly Mid, then the Dragon and Evil God ganks. With the enemy knowing the exact time to cast spells on her side, in addition to ganking, she also has to actively hide in the dust to cast spells with the Forest and counter gank when necessary.

In general, Krixi is a very strong, easy-to-play champion, wide control, can go with all odds, can be combined with almost any formation. So in this season 22, she is worthy for gamers to choose to climb the rank.

#3 – Zuka

‘Fat Bear’ is showing a strong comeback in tournaments and rankings. It can be seen that Zuka in Vietnamese rank is always a hot hit champion, highly effective in dealing damage to capture the main enemy.

Lien Quan Mobile Top 5 generals 'breaking the island' from rank to season 22_3

Zuka is a formidable Assassin in rank when it comes to items that deal damage. Regarding the later stage, with the combo Ultimate + Flash, his ability to approach mains and shock damage is extremely strong. With Zuka in the Jungle, whether the player goes to the Sword of Soul or to the Ax, there is a separate effect.

Now, instead of eating Bats, Zuka can work with his teammates to push the turret, go to the enemy Forest to put pressure, which will optimize the economy much more. Zuka is most afraid of enemies that have the ability to control, along with a large amount of damage, so the Tenacious Shoe is an indispensable item for Zuka.

#4 – Slimz

If in the previous meta, Hayate and Capheny were the top priority picks, but now Slimz has risen and asserted his position. This is a card that is able to shoot Tank from the mid to late game extremely well as well as being able to ‘out dance’ the enemy team’s killers.

Lien Quan Mobile Top 5 generals 'breaking the island' from rank to season 22_4

For Slimz, the ability to stun with skill 1 is an extremely powerful weapon in individual captures or initiating combat. At rank, Slimz will be more comfortable than the tournament even if the protection is reduced. Slimz is a bit weak in the early game, so players need to limit picking SP champions that hit late. With about 4-5 damage items, Slimz can completely vaporize a champion that is not too strong for the time being stunned by ability 1.

#5 – Nakroth

Currently, this is a champion that benefits from 2 new buffed jungle items. Thanks to the inherent mobility, Nakroth can move quickly between lanes, especially Dragon lane to farm and spread gold. Specifically, with the Soul Hunting Sword equipment, he will snowball the game horribly thanks to his ability to cause damage and be extremely annoying in the poke phase. In contrast, with the Ax equipped, Nakroth has increased resistance late.

Lien Quan Mobile Top 5 generals 'breaking the island' from rank to season 22_5

In this season 22, Nakroth can promote his mobility and steal charms because he can grasp the time when the spell is released from the enemy. In addition, although the bat is economically reduced, but because Nakroth is too mobile, eating bats also helps him to some extent. Note, in the early stages, players should still prioritize ganking the first Dragon lane to put pressure on the enemy team’s ADC, causing their equipment speed to be reduced.

The article is detailed by at the YouTube channel: Game Experience. Hope gamers will have the best matches of Lien Quan Mobile with these generals!

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