Discussions about the introduction of BGMI Lite have been going on for a long time in the Indian gaming community. Battlegrounds Mobile India will be offered as a reduced version of the game. Continue reading to know why players are hyped up for the release of BGMI Lite.

Despite the fact that BGMI was published as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, the makers, Krafton Inc., are yet to offer the alternative of PUBG Mobile Lite. The gamers took to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to ask Krafton to release a Lite version of the game in the nation.

However, with numerous well-known figures in the gaming industry hinting at the game’s release, the buzz around it has increased, and people are anticipating it to be released shortly.

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The three major reasons why BGMI Lite release is hyped up by fans

1) The poll on BGMI’s Discord server

Krafton organized a poll on their main discord channel a few months ago in response to millions of gamers’ requests. Players were asked why they wanted the game’s Lite version to be launched in the nation.

The poll gained a lot of votes, but the creators haven’t disclosed any new information on the release since then. This poll hence created a lot of buzz in the community regarding the game’s release.

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2) BGMI influencers giving frequent hints of the release of BGMI Lite

YouTubers and professional gamers have tweeted or spoken their thoughts, implying that the release of BGMI Lite is closer than we realize.

Ocean Sharma, a famous caster and commentator on YouTube, recently mentioned the introduction of the Lite version, confirming that it will be launched shortly. He also sent out a tweet asking his followers if they thought the Lite version will be available soon.

Furthermore, top player and Battlegrounds Mobile India partner Maxtern had tweeted about the game’s release. Fans should keep in mind that Maxtern posted similar tweets before the release of BGMI, implying that the game is just around the edge.

3) PUBG Mobile Lite update is delayed

For a long period of time, PUBG Mobile Lite fans have been asking for an update in the game but other than the minor 0.22.1 update, no other major update has yet seen the light. Hence, many popular data miners assume that the update is delayed just because the developers are busy developing BGMI Lite.

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Also, Indian players whose money has been invested in the game account were not refunded. So,those players are more invested in the hype around the release of BGMI Lite.

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