Told you 2 easiest and fastest ways to redo Viettel sim

If you accidentally lose your sim and are confused about how to redo the sim because worry will affect your study and work. Are you afraid that the procedure to redo lost viettel sim card is too complicated and time consuming? Don’t stress too much! The process is not as complicated as you think!

In this article, Sforum will work with you to find out the simplest and fastest ways to redo a lost viettel sim. You often refer to the ways mentioned in the article to find the best solution for you in the case of redoing a lost or damaged viettel sim!

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What to do when the sim is lost? Which cases are resolved to redo the sim?

Contact Viettel switchboard to lock the sim

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To avoid possible unfortunate incidents, when you discover that your viettel sim is lost or has problems, you should quickly contact the customer care switchboard of Viettel network via phone number. 1800 8098. Customer service staff will ask you to provide some personal information such as your name, date of birth, identity card, nearest contact phone number, or the amount of money in your account, or recently recharged card value, etc. The operator’s staff will assist you to lock the sim in 30 minutes.

What cases will be resolved to redo the sim?

Viettel operator supports almost all sim problems of customers using services from Viettel such as:

  • Viettel prepaid and postpaid subscribers are active, one-way, two-way blocked, in the period of keeping the number
  • The customer’s sim is the owner’s sim lost, damaged, unusable, …

You wonder where to redo Viettel sim?

To redo a viettel sim, you just need to come Viettel’s stores, branches, or transaction points in the nearest place To get support from customer service staff to redo the sim or you can completely redo viettel sim at home extremely quickly with the simplest operations on the MyViettel application.

Instructions to redo viettel sim at the store

Step 1: Go to the nearest Viettel stores, branches or transaction points

Currently, Viettel has been present in localities and provinces across Vietnam. Therefore, you can easily find the nearest Viettel store to redo your lost or damaged viettel sim, etc.

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Step 2: Prepare necessary documents when redoing viettel sim card

For individual customers

  • Original identity card or citizen identification card
  • Prepare 5 recent frequent contact phone numbers
  • Prepare an original contract if you are a postpaid subscriber

For corporate customers

  • Identity card or original identity card of the representative of the business
  • Letter of introduction of the business, certified by the head of the business
  • Prepare 5-10 phone numbers to contact in recent times
  • Prepare an original contract if you are a postpaid subscriber

Step 3: Wait for the staff to remake viettel sim for you

When you are done with all the above procedures, you can sit and wait on the spot about 20-30 minutes to pick it up right away or if you are busy, you can schedule it to come back to pick it up later when you have some free time.

Instructions to redo viettel sim at home

Don’t have too much time to go to the store? You don’t want to have to wait until the staff redo the sim? Do not worry! You can completely redo your viettel sim at home simple and fast with MyViettel application.

Step 1: Log into MyViettel application

You press choose app MyViettel => Login with OTP => Enter OTP sent to phone number => Select Confirm

Step 2: Choose Three dashes icon left corner => Utilities

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Step 3: Choose Change sim => Click select Send a request to change sim card

reset Viettel sim

Step 4: Enter full Customer information and home delivery address as required => Continue => Choose Completed

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So with only 4 simple steps, you can ask Viettel to redo your sim without spending time going to the store.

Answer some other questions when redo sim viettthe

Ask: How long does it take to redo viettel sim?

Answer: Normally, the time to redo a viettel sim will happen quite quickly, only about 20-30 minutes. So you don’t need to worry too much about the time! If you work at home with the MyViettel application, the time is shorter than going to the store.

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Ask: How much is the service fee to redo viettel sim card?

Answer: The fee to redo a lost viettel sim will usually be about 20,000-25,000 VND It’s just a fee guys.

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Ask: Do you lose old contact numbers when redoing viettel sim?

Answer: The answer is Yes! When you redo the sim, the contacts saved on the old sim will be lost, to avoid losing the number when redoing the sim, please sync the contacts on both the sim, phone, and email. In case there is a problem that leads to damage or loss of sim / phone, your contacts will still be preserved, especially important phone numbers in study and work.

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Ask: Can viettel sim card be lost for a long time, can it be restored?

Answer: The sim card has been lost for a long time (specifically over 2 months) and the sim card is not active (texting, calling) then you will not be able to re-simulate.

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With the above article, Sforum has answered for you all the information related to viettel sim remake from procedure, price, process and location… If you find it useful, please share this article to your friends. with more readers. Good luck!

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