This is the design of Samsung’s 3 folding screen smartphone

Not long ago, Samsung applied for a patent for its ambitious tri-fold screen smartphone. Documents published on the World Intellectual Property Organization website, preliminary designs show a device with two hinges, can transform from a giant tablet into a normal-sized smartphone.

This is Samsung's 3-fold folding screen smartphone design - Photo 1.

The patent was finally approved. Based on the preliminary design and some leaked information, the LetsGoDigital site has created the first complete 3D design drawings, showing us what Samsung’s foldable smartphone will look like.

This is Samsung's 3-fold folding screen smartphone design - Photo 2.

Just like in the Samsung patent, this device will have three separate screens, which will also be the main screen and will not have an external secondary screen like the Galaxy Z Fold. The reason is because when folded, part of the main screen will be on the outside.

This is Samsung's 3rd folding screen smartphone design - Photo 3.

This folding screen smartphone is based on two hinges, instead of one like the Galaxy Z Fold. One hinge folds inward and another folds back out, creating a Z-shape if viewed from above.

This is the design of Samsung's 3 folding screen smartphone - Photo 4.

When fully folded, this device has the same screen size as a regular smartphone, although the thickness will be 3 times larger. And when opened, it will be a giant-sized tablet. Samsung also describes a selfie camera and fingerprint sensor both hidden below the main screen, in addition to the smartphone also supports the S-Pen.

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