Are you a budding botanist? Well, knowing how to identify plants on iPhone will definitely be one of the handiest iPhone hidden features for you.

With iOS 15, Apple gave iPhone users the ability to visually search photos taken using the camera. The iPhone can now recognize and identify many subjects, including plants!

This little-known feature is useful in several ways. Clearly, avid gardeners and plant lovers can now simply take a picture of a flower they love, search for it instantly (or when it suits them) and then go and buy one for themselves, all without needing to ask or remember the grand Latin name. .

Plus, parents and pet owners can now determine exactly what their child or family dog ​​ate – and if it was dangerous – with just a few clicks and swipes, which can save costly medical or veterinary bills.

As far as iPhone features go, this one is pretty nifty. So, without further ado, here’s how to identify plants on iPhone.

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How to Identify Plants on iPhone

1. Open the Camera app and to take a picture of the plant you want to identify.

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2. Open the Photos app and navigate to image you just took. Swipe up from the bottom of the image to display the image information panel.

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3. Tap the Search banner on the information panel. If it worked and your iPhone has identified a plant, you’ll see “Plant >” grayed out on the banner.

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4. Search results will now appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap Siri Knowledge entries to find out more or tap similar web images to see more images and verify that your iPhone has found the correct plant.

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