this excellent 1TB SSD is at a super price today

If you are looking for a high-performance SSD for your laptop or desktop computer, the Samsung 870 QVO is undoubtedly the best choice, especially since the price of the 1 TB model is currently falling from 129 euros to only 79 euros on the MacWay website.

Samsung 870 QVO: This excellent 1TB SSD is at a great price today

SSDs have become widely used to replace older traditional hard drives, which are much less efficient and durable. If you have not yet taken the plunge with your current PC, now is surely the right time thanks to this 50 euro reduction on the excellent Samsung 870 QVO including 1 TB of storage. It is quite simply one of the best references on the market, especially at this price.

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What to remember about the Samsung 870 QVO

  • 1 TB of storage, or 1,000 GB
  • The good build quality of the SSD
  • High transfer speed: up to 560 MB/s

Instead of the usual 129 euros, the 1 TB model of the Samsung 870 QVO is now available on sale at only 79 euros on the MacWay websitean immediate discount of almost 40%.

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A very powerful SSD

The 870 QVO SSD is identical to the old model, the 860. We find exactly the same design, always with a standard size of 2.5 inches in order to sneak into the bowels of a fixed PC as well as a laptop. It is however different from its big brother, because being part of the second generation of Samsung’s QLC SSDs, the 870 QVO offers random speed and improved performance. It then makes it possible to obtain a maximum transfer speed of up to 560 MB/s in reading and 530 MB/s in writing. It is therefore 10 MB/s more than the 860 QVO.

This new model also incorporates the new TurboWrite technology, which accelerates write speeds and maintains high performance over the long term thanks to a larger buffer. Without forgetting the 4th generation of V-NAND memory, to gain in endurance, speed and lower energy consumption, which is always in the game.

Sufficient storage that will follow you for a long time

With the Samsung SSD, you will be entitled to 1 TB, or 1,000 GB of data to store. This is more than enough capacity to install your favorite operating system, with many large files, such as videos or 3D games. In addition, an SSD is a guarantee of longevity for your data. In the absence of mechanical parts, a Solid State Drive as the 870 QVO model is much more resistant to vibrations than an HDD. It also absorbs shocks better, which is also more reassuring when you have to transport your PC, for example.

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To transport your data more easily

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