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Even though they have eaten many delicious dishes, surely the people of the North still cannot find anything more delicious than a bowl of crab soup with salted eggplant at home.

Salted crab and tomato soup is a favorite dish in the summer.


– 300g crab
– 1 bunch of melons, 1 small melon, 1 bunch of jute vegetables.
– Seasoning includes salt, seasoning and shrimp paste (if you can eat shrimp paste).


– Choose female crabs, which are just right, not too big, not too small. Wash the crabs, cut them in half, remove the bibs.

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– Khuu took crab bricks, sautéed onions, cooked crab bricks, turned them over and put them in a small bowl.

– Shredded crab body, filtered with two bowls of water. Add salt and seasoning to the crab water.

– Put crab filtered water on the stove, bring to a boil, then reduce heat, gently stir with chopsticks until boiling, then add a little shrimp paste and add crab bricks. Wait for a while and then scoop the crab bricks into the bowl.

– Put in turn melons cut into small pieces to eat, spinach, jute vegetables. When the vegetables are cooked, gently add the crab bricks.

– Ladle the soup into a bowl, skillfully so that the crab bricks do not break, above the green vegetable background.

You should choose crabs carefully.

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Separate the crab into, two, the crab body, pound, filter with two bowls of water.

Use toothpicks to remove crab bricks, bring them to boil with onion oil.

Boil crab water, use chopsticks to gently shake, wait for it to boil, then add crab bricks. For a while, take out the crab bricks.

In turn, put the loofah, spinach, jute vegetables and crab bricks into the soup pot.

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