In 2017, Essential Phone was released and quickly gained the attention of users. Firstly, because this is a product from the Essential company of Andy Rubin, who is known as the “father of Android”. Second, the Essential Phone itself is also a very interesting phone with a ceramic case and one of the world’s first smartphones with a notch display.

However, Essential had to close down last year after the controversy surrounding Andy Rubin. Essential may be dead, but the company’s talented members still have a lot of ideas to contribute to the smartphone industry.

Essential PhoneOSOM V1 is

Essential Phone

Jason Keats, former head of Research & Development at Essential, announced a new company called OSOM Products in September 2020, which has nothing to do with Rubin.

OSOM itself is an acronym, which has two meanings. First, the name speaks to the company’s priority with the new device, OSOM being “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, emphasizing customer privacy. Next, it is pronounced “awesome”, which means “great”.

After more than a year of being quiet, today, we have the first look at the smartphone that OSOM is about to launch: OSOM OV1 (OSOM Vault 1).

The CEO of OSOM had a chat with the Android Police site and provided some information and pictures about the company’s upcoming product. As you can see, the OSOM OV1 will have two rear cameras, the fingerprint sensor of the device is also located on the back. Powering OSOM OV1 is a Snapdragon chip, but the version is unknown.

Essential PhoneOSOM V1 is

This is the back of the OSOM OV1 – materials (and presumably colors) are subject to change

OSOM OV1 may be a device in the high-end segment, it will not compete in the ultra-premium segment with devices like Samsung’s S Ultra series, or the iPhone Pro, which is a segment where new brands are very hard to get in. The full configuration of OSOM OV1 will be announced at the MWC event in February 2022. The company is expected to open the sale of OSOM OV1 in the summer of 2022.

Keats told Android Police that the OV1 will still run stock Android, similar to the Essential Phone, with some additional privacy and security customizations. These improvements are supposed to help users control what can come and go from their Android phone. Keats also confidently says that OSOM’s security and privacy features are “100 times stronger” than Android’s existing standard security metrics.

Privacy and security were one of the first hurdles that OSOM wanted to address when creating OV1. Keats says: “I’m really upset about the phone and other companies knowing what I’m doing.”

OSOM has worked with Google to ensure their software is compatible with GMS and MADA requirements.

Android Police exclusive: OSOM OV1 teaser

For those worried that the OV1 will suffer from the same camera flaws as the Essential Phone again, Keats says that OSOM has spent a lot of time and money making sure the camera will be of good quality. At the same time, OV1 will not mess around with additional modules like the Essential Phone.

Essential PhoneOSOM V1 is

A module of the Essential Phone

OSOM also says it is the first new mobile phone maker in Canada since BlackBerry, as the company has registered its headquarters in Quebec. OSOM OV1 will go on sale in the US, Canada and some European countries next year.

Reference: AndroidPolice

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