The location of the chip implanted under Patrick’s hand

The payment chip, made by Walletmor, weighs less than a gram and is barely larger than a grain of rice, with components consisting of a small microchip and an antenna protected by a layer of biofilm (a materials of natural origin). Paprota said that the material used to manufacture the payment chip has been verified as safe with regulatory approval. It can work immediately after being implanted and will also be fixed at the implant site. Users do not need to charge the battery or use other ways of providing power for the chip to work. The technology that Walletmor uses to process payments is based on NFC technology, a contactless payment technology commonly used on smartphones. Currently, Walletmor has sold more than 500 of these chips.

Many people may think the idea of ​​implanting such a payment chip in the body is crazy and impossible, but a survey was conducted in 2021 of more than 4,000 people across the UK and The EU shows that 51% of the 4,000 people will be able to consider this transplant.

Although there are still concerns raised around the issue of using this type of implant, especially in ensuring the security level of personal information, as well as the possibility of personal data of users. will be stolen or tracked, or costs, chip preservation, data storage, control and access, among other related issues, are addressed at every mention. When it comes to chip implant technology like this, there are also some experts in related fields and Patrick personally thinks that factor is not really a concern, and he even feels comfortable. and much more convenient since switching to using payment chip technology implanted under the skin like this.


The magnet implanted in Patrick’s finger

Patrick has implanted a total of 32 of these chips into his body, including chips and special types of magnetic locks that can be used to open car / house doors, make payments or transactions no other contact.

According to BBC

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