The female TikToker continues to appear so people don’t recognize her when her photos are released in real life

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Recently, TikToker Thu Dan made people stir when he revealed his real beauty in real life. Worth mentioning, although it is considered strange, the real-life beauty of the female TikToker is still praised by many people.

So far, it’s not surprising that female TikTokers and beauties reveal their true beauty. However, the reactions of netizens to the real beauty shows of beauties are completely opposite. Besides the girls who disappoint fans when their beauty in real life is far from online, there are also many beauties who score points thanks to their beautiful appearance despite all the angles of passersby.


Recently, female TikToker Thu Dan has been particularly interested in revealing her real beauty in real life. Specifically, on this social networking platform, a clip was posted, comparing her self-posted and caught images. Worth mentioning, if the pictures are posted by the owner on social networks, she attracts attention with her sharp, seductive beauty with a face that possesses impressive and Western features, then a series of photos on the street. scored again thanks to the closeness and youthfulness.


Not to mention, female TikToker also pursues a mature, seductive style, thoroughly showing off her hot curves in outfits that “burn the eyes” of viewers. Meanwhile, the image was caught by the team passing by, it is easy to see that Thu Dan possesses a youthful and approachable beauty. In particular, her face is considered beautiful, despite all the angles of netizens.


Currently, the incident is receiving the attention and monitoring of netizens. In which, many people think that compared to two completely different styles, outside, the female TikToker is much more beautiful and lovely than the pictures posted on her personal page. Before Thu Dan, many beauties fell into this situation and her real beauty quickly became a topic of public opinion.


Among them are Hoang Kim Chi, Mango Non, Tran Thanh Tam, Le Bong… On the side of Thu Dan, she is a famous female TikToker on social networks when she owns 239 thousand followers on TikToker as well as owns a personal page. up to nearly 39,000 followers. Each of her posts on social networks attracts thousands of interactions.


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