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The iPhone in addition to features such as calling, texting, surfing the net, entertainment, we also often use iPhone to take photos and videos. If you have a lot of photos and videos on your iPhone that you need to delete and what is the fastest way to delete them? Invite users to follow the guide to quickly delete photos on iPhone below.

The fastest way to delete photos on iPhone

1. Quickly delete photos on iPhone in Photo Album

Step 1: User enters the application Image (first) => touch button Buying (2) in Photo Album.

Click Choose

Step 2: Users touch each photo they want to delete, or users can swipe from left to right or from right to left to quickly browse multiple photos (Note: The swipe to buy photo feature is only available on iOS version 9.0 and above). Then you touch the trash can icon (2) to delete and click confirm Delete photos (3).

Select Delete photo

Note: After deleting photos in this way, the deleted photos will be in the trash and after 30 days they will be permanently deleted. To delete photos permanently quickly, users follow the next instructions.

Step 3: The user comes back and buys the item Albums (first) => buy Recently deleted (2) => click Buying (3) => Delete all (4).

Select Clear all

Step 4: User keeps clicking Delete photos done.

Select Delete Photo 2

2. Delete photos quickly on iPhone using computer

Step 1: Users connect iPhone to computer with a USB cable and grant access to photos and videos from iPhone. Then you open My Laptop/ This PC => click on the iPhone icon (first) => Inner Storage (2).

Select Internal Storage

Step 2: Buying DCIM (first) => here you buy the image you want to delete and right-click to buy Delete (2).

Select Delete

Note: The photos you delete on your computer will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Users should consider before deleting photos in this way.

With the quick way to delete photos on iPhone, we can easily clean up unnecessary photos and videos on iPhone quickly and easily. Good luck to the users!

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