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The screen is one of the most important parts of an iPhone. Taking a look at the screen of a smartphone before shopping is the first thing you should do, whether new or old.

Even so, unboxing smartphones still carry less risk than buying second-hand goods, so you need to know before deciding to buy an old iPhone. Here are some ways to take a look at the screen, the easiest way to check the iPhone screen that you can do.

Instructions to take a look at iPhone screen

  • Check iPhone touch
  • Check iPhone screen
  • Check iPhone light exposure
  • Quick check iPhone screen

Check iPhone touch

This is the first test that any consumer must take, in order to take a look at iPhone touch you just need to hold an icon on the iPhone screen (from iOS 12 and below) or press and hold the icon to finish shopping Reorder apps (iOS 13).

Wait for that icon to appear an X in the corner, hold them and move around the screen. If you see the icon slipping out of your hand at a certain point on the screen, that point may be dead.

test iphone screen

If you check more closely you can open the app Note Go up, find the pen icon, and draw a line on the point you suspect is the touch dead. If you see that the line is broken at the other dead point, then that place is probably paralyzed.

test dead iphone screen

There is another way you can test the touch by shutting down and restarting, when the apple emblem is white and around is black, look to see if there is any other color display such as blue, red, purple and yellow. no… If you wear it, that place is dead touch, this error usually occurs when the screen is dropped, in water, is pressed on, replaced with a poor quality screen…

There is also a touch disorder error, this error is similar to paralysis but instead of not working, the touch screen responds but does not match the position on the screen. For example, if you touch the Weather app, your iPhone will open the Phone app.

Check iPhone screen

Every other error commonly seen on iPhones is the coloration of the iPhone screen. The commonly seen shade can be yellowish, greenish or pinkish. If it’s only a very slight discolouration, that’s a difference between the panels and it’s not a fault. Or maybe the screen glue layer has not dried, causing the phenomenon of darkening.

test am man iphone

To take a look at the curtain iPhone, you can take two iPhones, open the app Setting up and set the brightness to full. If you wear a screen, you will definitely see the difference between the two screens, but only very slightly. And if you see heavy color cast, that screen has a problem.

Check iPhone light exposure

The light leak on the iPhone is rarely noticed by people, even if they don’t know it on their screen, although this is a fairly common error. The reason that few people pay attention to this error is because the screen brightness level is not significant, so many people do not know that there is an error.

The cause of this error is the assembly of the LCD screen with a non-standard backlight. Causes the light of the backlight to leak to the outside at the edge of the phone screen, causing light leakage.

iphone light leak test
iPhone light leak test

To take a look at morning error, please open a black photo, open the digicam and cover it up to capture the fastest. Then increase the screen brightness to the maximum and look around the edges of the screen to see if there is any light. Usually this error only appears on iPhones that use LCD screens.

Quick check iPhone screen

There are many ways for you to quickly take a look at the iPhone screen to see if this screen is a “zin screen” or a “lot screen”. Firstly, take out a zin iPhone and see the colors displayed between the two screens, can be turned up to full brightness for easier comparison. The screen will usually not be as bright as the zin screen, the color will not be as clear as the zin screen.

iPhone screen test

Or more simply you can check by dropping a few drops of water on the screen. If it is a zin screen, these water drops will gather at one point, and with a screen, the water will spread as shown below. Or stick a piece of tape on the screen, if it peels off easily and smoothly, it’s a zin screen. On the contrary, if it is difficult to peel off and there is still tape on it, it is a batch screen.

screen test zin

Above are some ways to take a look at iphone screen, check iphone screen easily and effectively. However, after performing these checks and still not feeling secure, you should buy reputable places and optimal warranty to buy iPhone.

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