On the morning of April 15, the US Department of Treasury announced that an organization that may be from North Korea was the culprit behind the attack on the Ronin Network bridge, taking over the network. 600 million USD. This company and the digital wallet address used by the hacker are included in a special US sanctions list.

“Today, the FBI attributed the Ronin hack to the Lazarus Group, based in North Korea. The US government, specifically the Treasury Department, has banned the address receiving the stolen digital currency. We would like to thank the law enforcement agencies who assisted in this investigation,” wrote Ronin Network on the project blog.

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According to Chainalysisthe North Korean hacker behind many cryptocurrency hacks in 2021, bringing this country about 400 million USD. In which, Lazarus Group is the most active organization.

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In addition, the project side said that finding the culprit and recovering the stolen property does not affect the reimbursement process for users. Specifically, all deposits on Ronin Network will be refunded thanks to 150 million USD poured into Sky Mavis by Binance and some other organizations last week.

However, the fact that the US has introduced a ban on transactions with the above digital wallet address is suspected by some users. Because the amount is on the blockchain, it is difficult for the delivery and transfer to verify the identity. Hackers from North Korea are also often linked to major hacks, although the evidence presented by the parties is not really clear. Because of the complex nature of cyber warfare, the possibility of a fake attack on North Korea cannot be ruled out.

After usurping 600 million USD from Ronin Network, hackers have used many different tricks to distract and erase traces on the blockchain to “launder money”.

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Currently, this subject has “laundered” tens of millions of dollars through the Tornado Cash mixer, then converted to Avalanche (AVAX). From here, he uses the Import/Export feature of the Avalanche blockchain to split assets and remove traces on the blockchain.

Previously, domestic blockchain security experts said that it was still possible to find the attacker. “Hacker uses a back door attack method on Sky Mavis’s system, so if he’s not careful, he can leave a trail for Ronin Network to find IP addresses,” said Nguyen Viet Dinh, CTO of Symper. share idea.

After the news of finding the culprit, Sky Mavis tokens have not shown any signs of recovery. The downfall of Bitcoin on the night of April 14 caused AXS, RON, and SLB to lose 4-5% of their capitalization.


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