Garou has had many transformations throughout the war but his latest form in Chapter 162 One-Punch Man is the strongest ever.

The match between Garou and Saitama was more and more intense in the past. Garou transformed a few times, but his power always decreased and Saitama continued to face him nonchalantly. However, the author has just had a spectacular turn when he publishes chapter 162 again with his new evolved form. Garou.

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When Saitama punching Garou out of his demonic shell, a voice spoke and reached Garou’s ears. When he asked about the identity of the voice, Bang’s figure appeared, offering to help his disciple. Garo accepted the extended hand as he thought it was his master, and soon after the Hero Hunter achieved the strongest evolution ever and was placed squarely in Garou’s Cosmic Terror.

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Readers of the One-Punch Man manga will be perplexed by this sudden change. The final ending of Chapter 162 showed the end of the war between Garou and Saitama when St. Pong Tom and the Hero Hunter sat down and talked. However, soon after, the author released a new version 162 in which Garou received the power of God and overpowered it. Saitama.


Garou no stranger to power-ups and transformations, as he transformed several times during his battle with Saitama. However, his latest transformation was unlike any of Garou’s previous transformations. The question now is whether this evolution will allow Garou to become a real threat to the One-Punch Man?

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