Currently, open-ended funds are likened to “fat products” that investors are focusing on in the Vietnamese financial market. In which, definitely must mention the Techcombank open fund.

Today’s article, nganhangnongthon will bring the set Techcombank – iFund is the safest and longest-lasting open-ended fund investment secret in 2022. If you are interested in this topic, do not ignore the content below!

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first.The most secure long-term investment secret for Techcombank – iFund open-ended fund in 2022

To be able to invest in Techcombank open-ended funds safely and effectively, everyone needs to prepare themselves with a full set of knowledge and skills. Therefore, we hope that the following information will help readers have an overview and accurate view of this potential fund.

What is Techcombank Open Fund?

Techcom Securities Joint Stock Company, also known as TCBS – Techcom Securities, was established in 2008. This is a subsidiary company developed by Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

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After TCBS was born, the unit established an open-ended fund called iFund Techcombank. The purpose that Techcombank established this fund to call investors in a way to raise capital, then conduct profitable investment activities.

Specifically, TCBS will use the capital contributed to the fund to invest in securities or foreign exchange. People are completely assured when the fund has a team of experienced experts at the top to advise and come up with effective business strategies.

In short, investing in Techcombank open-ended fund is when you deposit a sum of money into the fund, then receive interest. This amount is considered to be invested, you will receive a profit when the fund’s activities yield good results.

Share the safest long-term Techcombank open-ended fund investment secret in 2022

With the desire to help readers get the secret to investing in Techcombank open-ended funds safely, below are the experiences drawn from leading experts. Let’s refer!

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Register for an online fund investment account

To save time and effort for investors, Techcombank open-ended fund allows customers to open accounts online. Therefore, you can immediately open an investment account at home without having to move to the company.

In particular, iFund Techcombank supports investors to sign contracts and confirm 100% online transaction information.

Trade investment funds online, anytime, anywhere

Besides opening an online account, investors can also buy and sell fund certificates at Techcombank open-ended fund by placing orders online. Thus, it will be easier for people to place orders to be matched quickly.

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Currently, iFund Techcombank has up to 3 types of funds for investors to consider and choose to suit their needs and business strategy.

Moreover, for investors in the first transaction, they also receive 0.1% of the original capital. This is considered a special offer that very few open-ended funds have.

Active online fund asset management

Just by accessing the fund account, investors can immediately observe the current value of fund certificates. From there, helping people easily manage and actively trade when the market fluctuates.

Buy multiple financial products in one app

To provide the ultimate customer experience, Techcombank open-ended funds allow anyone to buy bonds, stocks or place fund orders on the same platform.

It is this utility that helps investors simplify the process of accessing the application for easy asset management. This avoids confusion among investment forms.

No deposit/withdrawal to bank account

When participating in Techcombank open-ended fund, investors will be able to connect their securities accounts with their current bank accounts. Simply put, you will put your money in a bank account, the fund certificate company will automatically collect money from the bank account to the fund account.

Thus, the above are both investment secrets and advantages that only Techcombank can bring to its customers. Please consult and consider investing when you want to participate in this promising financial market in 2022.

2.What are the types of Techcombank open-ended funds?

To give customers more flexibility in the investment process, Techcombank open-ended fund has developed the following types of funds:

Fund typeCharacteristicThe rate of return of the funds
Techcombank Bond Fund (TCBF)
  • The TCBF Fund is part of the iFund Open Fund.
  • The fund is managed by a professional staff of Techcombank Capital – a subsidiary of Techcombank.
  • 100% of the fund’s assets will be used to invest in corporate bonds, government bonds, certificates of deposit and other fund certificates to create stable and long-term profits for investors.
Expected profit > 8%/year.
TCEF Stock Investment Fund
(Techcombank Equity Fund)
  • TCEF Fund is an open-equity fund created and managed by Techcombank Capital.
  • The goal is to help investors accumulate the best stocks among the top 30 listed companies in Vietnam (VN30).
Expected profit > 12%/year.
FlexiCASH . Bond Fund
(Techcombank FlexiCash Fund)
  • TCFF Fund is an open-ended fund that invests 80% of its net asset value (NAV) in securities with extremely short maturities (usually within 1 year).
  • FlexiCASH can be used to invest in many different securities.
  • The objective of the fund is to help maximize interest from short-term working cash flow.
Expected profit 6%/year.

3.Instructions on how to invest in Techcombank open-ended funds

Investors can do 2 ways below to open an account and trade at iFund, specifically:

Invest online

First, people need to register for a personal account to be able to trade, there will be 2 ways for investors to choose, which is to register via the app or website.

Via TCInvest app

  • Step 1: Go to the App Store/Google on your phone and search for the keyword “App TCInvestthen click install now.
  • Step 2: Open the successfully downloaded application.
  • Step 3: Select item “Register an account“.
  • Step 4: Fill in the correct personal information.

Via website

  • Step 1: Visit website:
  • Step 2: Choose “Open an account“.
  • Step 3: Fill in personal information such as: Full name, email, phone number, ID card / CCCD number.
  • Step 4: Verify information.
  • Step 5: Contract.

*Note: After having an account, people can access the above app/website again. Then select “Place a fund order” and follow the system instructions.

Invest through a customer relationship specialist

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If choosing this method, investors need to actively contact Techcombank’s customer relations specialist through the following 3 ways:

  • Way 1: Hotline: 1800 588 826
  • Way 2: Email: [email protected]
  • Way 3: Fanpage: Tecom securities

4.Why should you choose to invest in Techcombank open-end fund?

There are many reasons why people should invest in Techcombank open-ended funds as soon as possible, such as:

Good liquidity

Techcombank investors can freely buy and sell fund certificates every day and receive the money sold the next day.

In some necessary cases, the withdrawal of investment capital will also be done quickly and easily.

Diversified investment portfolio

There are hundreds of different types of stocks and bonds for investors to choose from. This is really convenient and has less risk than just investing in individual securities in the market.

Guaranteed absolute safety

iFund Fund builds investment portfolios with the best quality stocks and bonds being listed on exchanges.

Extremely low minimum investment

With only an initial capital of 10,000 VND, investors can easily join and experience the iFun open-ended fund. Once you have understood the market and gained a lot of experience, you can invest with a higher amount to make a profit.

5.Techcombank Sucurities securities company contact address

In the process of investing in iFund, if there is a need to be consulted, answer questions directly. At this time, customers can go to the following address:

  • Unit name: Techcom Securities (TCBS).
  • Address: TCBS Headquarters – Floor 10 + 21, Techcombank Building 191 Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

Here, everyone will be welcomed by the staff and solve all problems and difficulties encountered in the fastest way.

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With shared information The safest long-term Techcombank open-ended fund investment secret in 2022 above. Hopefully, it will help many customers who are intending to invest in the iFund Techcombank open-ended fund in the future. To avoid possible risks in the investment process, people need to learn more experience and knowledge from leading experts in the industry. Good luck!

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