Techcombank account has been hacked and solutions to prevent it


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Specifically, how is Techcombank’s account information hacked and solutions to prevent fraudulent appropriation? Sophisticated tricks of technology criminals?

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With the development of science and technology applied to banking services, high-tech crimes also tend to increase in both form and quantity. These subjects use sophisticated tricks to steal information to appropriate customers’ assets, damaging the material and reputation of the bank.

So what are those scams? Preventive measures? Let’s find out with Alo Open Card.


Some tricks to cheat Techcombank accounts to hack money

Some tricks to cheat Techcombank accounts to hack money
  • Get acquainted and build trust, then ask to open an account/card, register for E-banking service and buy it back at a high price; intended to be used for fraudulent purposes, withdrawing cash abroad or transferring money.
  • Impersonate a relative, friend or customer to send login instructions to fake links, websites or offer to download malicious applications, thereby stealing usernames, passwords, authentication codes one time (OTP-One Time Password).
  • Pretending to be a police officer, the Procuratorate or the bank’s security called to report that the account was infiltrated by criminals and asked to provide the account number and transaction password.
  • Pretending to be a bank employee calling to inquire to find ways to exploit information; or announce the winning, request to complete the procedure to receive the prize by depositing money to the specified phone number / transferring money to the criminal’s account.

Say no to protect Techcombank account

Many bank accounts lose money overnight
  • Do not use someone else’s name to open an account, open a card and register for e-banking services.
  • Do not lend, use, possess and manage the card to others. Save/share a copy of the front and back of the card.
  • Do not enter your username, Internet Banking/Mobile Banking login password, OTP code, account number, etc. into a website or other link with Techcombank’s website or another application with F@st Mobile.
  • Do not provide username, password to login Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, OTP code to other people. The information including Login Account, Password, OTP Code is private and confidential information, absolutely not provided to others. If this information is disclosed, other people can make money transfers easily.
  • Especially do not provide OTP code in any case required to receive money, because OTP code is only used for the purpose of confirming payments.
  • Do not recharge/transfer money at the request of strangers when receiving strange, suspicious calls.
  • Do not choose a PIN associated with personal information such as mobile number, date of birth, etc. and disclose the PIN to others.
  • Do not provide card information (card number, validity date, PIN number, address, full name of cardholder…) when receiving email/phone requesting for information/confirmation or other suspicious calls. .

Techcombank account fraud prevention solution to hack money

  • Always log in to the correct e-banking address F@st ibank:, regularly change passwords to access e-banking/card services and set passwords according to safety principles.
  • Always cover the keyboard with your hand when entering the PIN code, in case someone peeks or sneaks, pay attention not to store the card and PIN in the same place. Do not write or reveal the PIN on the face of the card.
  • Stop the transaction and immediately notify the bank if a strange device is detected in the card reader/keyboard slot or multiple cameras mounted at the same ATM.
  • Register and pay attention to monitoring the service of text messages to notify transaction changes, statement of sub-accounts / card transactions to promptly detect abnormal signs.

When having any doubts regarding fraudulent transactions, customers should immediately contact the authorities and notify Techcombank at the hotline number 24/7 – 1800 588 822/ +84 24 3944 6699 or the nearest Techcombank transaction point for timely support.

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We hope that the above information will help customers to use card/e-banking services properly, ensure the principles of safety, security and enjoy the services and facilities with peace of mind. of the bank.


Bạn Đang Xem: Techcombank account has been hacked and solutions to prevent it

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